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French here, can’t be exhaustive but from the top of my head


  • “universal” healthcare
  • food


  • a president and government working for banks and wealthy people

I’m not sure I follow, you have the app running in docker, in a lxc container? In which case you might have some issues with e.g volume mounts unless the lxc is running in some privileged mode.

I would have rather used a VM to isolate a docker app.

Maybe because of the startup time of your dB? Try to delay the start of the app or make sure your dB is ready to accept connections before launching it.

Also did you try a manual connection to the dB using the creds used by the app? Just to be sure, thinking you know and having verified that you know are two different things.

On a side note, having multiple containers for the same apps is the way microservices are supposed to work.

I was under the impression you could resize it, not to the whole screen but definitely more than a third of it

On my computer I just Ctrl+click or middle-click posts to open them in new tabs, having them open in an overlay would have been nice but I understand it causes accessibility issues so I don’t mind clicking with another button, I’m used to doing so on any other website so no hassle there.

On my smartphone I use jerboa which takes me back to where I was in the feed when I hit the “back” button

Also when you ask sysadmin to make a website

Hey if you want something done right, do it yourself!

The “hee hee” is a nice touch though

You don’t say! Give people the ability to do stupid things and they will

Well to be fair such an object would be hard to read in many languages I guess

Well, Firefox is free as in freedom but also free as in free beer, the money has to come from somewhere I suppose. At least it doesn’t come from selling absolutely everything possible from your data as in other browsers.

This can easily be generalized to any job requiring any kind of constant thoughts gathering, and is so true!

I keep a windows computer exclusively for gaming. I know you can play games on gnu/linux but I have lots of peripherals, VR headset, wheel, pedals, joysticks, rudder, buttons boxes,… I don’t have the courage to even try to see if everything will be compatible and correctly recognized in games. For everything else I stick to gnu/linux.

One could argue the issue isn’t nuclear energy but the way nuclear plants are maintained (or rather unmaintained).

I thought that was a given… or people really don’t understand how it works?

The day they enforce this is the day I cancel my subscription and go back to my old reliable, though less practical but cheaper ways.

You asked why he needed a lemmy server for.

I don’t know why he does, I’m just saying that you don’t need a specific reason other than wanting to do so.

Having the skill set to host a server is not required, you can have it hosted if you’re willing to pay, which seems to be the case of OP here.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying it’s bad to use an existing instance.

Since the fediverse is supposed to be decentralized, if you can host your own server and you feel like doing it, I would say you should do so.

I started with the yunohost install as well but decided to migrate to the officially supported docker install when I had issues with upgrades or had to wait for the ynh package to catch up. Although I don’t want to take your money and bear the responsability of handling the migration, I could give you some pointers.

  • Use the official backup and restore documentation as an inspiration
  • Use the -W option with postgres commands so that you get prompted for the password
  • Don’t use pg_dumpall but pg_dump instead and select the lemmy db
  • First migrate to the same version on docker
  • Make sure everything is working fine
  • Then proceed to upgrading to latest (depending on which version you come from maybe it would be safer to use intermediate releases)

That’s from the top of my head but I had to try a few times before getting it right.

Exactly the same, I’ve been using it for years now because, as you said, it’s functional but I would gladly see it more user-friendly.

I switched to jerboa a few months back, never felt the need to come back to lemur but it’s always a shame to lose an alternative.

What kind of issues do you have? Never had any using Debian, Ubuntu or arch

I can relate to the first comment: YES!!! A Tomb Raider phone game!!! - Said no one ever


There was (is?) definitely something missing with xmpp though, since it did not (from my point of view anyway) take off.

I feel like fragmentation is also an issue with xmpp with tons of client implementing their own subset of the xep and none of them being really appealing to non tech-savy people.

Also the big issue is that people don’t understand the federation thing, element chose to use the server by default and that is an issue, make this instance way too big but it also made onboarding way easier for some people.

I don’t know if there ever was a similar initiative with xmpp? Again we could argue it’s not a good solution, but does the good solution really exist, other than wishing for people to understand what’s really good for them and hoping they make the right choice?

I would gladly switch back to xmpp if it could be at least as useful to me as matrix, but sadly that’s not the case.

I won’t though since I just don’t feel the need, I know noone using xmpp anymore and don’t know of insteresting xmpp room I would like to join. If I do though I would gladly try xmpp bridging as I did with signal with my friend who are only there.

I used to use xmpp, hell my server is still running perfectly (mainly because it’s an integral part of yunohost), I must say though that I never found a client I was truly comfortable with. I can’t say whether that’s due to the protocol or not.

I also know I never really had real contacts using xmpp and never found interesting rooms to join.

Since I’ve switched to matrix I have been able to make people migrate over mostly I think because of the user experience with the client (element), I joined lots of rooms on which I have lots of interesting discussions.

That being said there are some issues discussed in the article I must agree on:

  • the lack of native client on PC
  • reinventing the wheel, though I’m not qualified to determine if their reason for doing so is acceptable or not
  • rooms discoverability is quite centralized, as are the invite links going through
  • the thing about new room versions, again I don’t really know about the technical behind that

So I would say matrix is far from perfect but I consider it a step in the right direction. You can have technically perfect tool, it’s useless if you can’t get people to use it.

I have been looking for something like that, thanks for sharing!

I don’t understand why this is not the default behavior for Activitypub federated blog engines like writefreely, it would make so much sense!

Very interesting indeed, I could feel that wasn’t easy but had never read a such detailed description of the hardships encountered doing so.

It’s not THE solution but maybe it would be nice to have some sort of testimony section on code management tools so that developers could also feel the love for their product and not only negativity. Of course people could create issues to thank devs but since they’re called issues…

Well at least I can use this occasion to thank you and all the other devs and contributors for the wonderful job on lemmy, I really enjoy it.

It’s a shame to have to come to this when easy solutions could have been used, specially when they have been so clearly identified and outlined.

I can’t even follow communities apparently, I can click the follow button but then when I come back to the community it’s unchecked again.

Lists are great to avoid this. You can have carefully curated lists and primary follow those.

I regret not having set up my lists from the start though, doing it when you’re tens or hundreds of subscriptions down is tedious.

Do you know and use manyverse? Care to invite me?
Hey, I just discovered [manyverse]( It looks interesting but I kind of understand why I had not heard of it even though it seems to have been around for a while now...It looks like it's a little bit complicated to discover and follow people, I know it's a common issue for decentralized tools but with this one it's even harder since it only works with invites (correct me if I'm wrong). Have you heard about it? What do you think of it? Apparently the best way to discover people is to join a room server but again, I need an invite for that. Can one of you guys invite me to a room server please?

Have some of you configured your lemmy server to send e-mails using starttls?
So I have an issue with my smtp settings, I can't get my Lemmy instance to send e-mails using my SMTP server using starttls and wondered if some of you have managed to do so? If so I would like to compare client and server settings to understand what is going wrong with my setup. In the meantime I have opened issues at lemmy and lettre repo but I'm trying to get help anywhere I can :)

I installed Lemmy
I added Lemmy to the list of my self-hosted fediverse services, here’s what I think about it and how I made it more useful in a single-user instance configuration.

What did you replace youtube with
Hi everyone, I've been following the [de-google-ify internet]( campaign of framasoft for several years now and have replace a lot of GAFAM services doing so but the only service I'm truly struggling with replacing is youtube. I could never find anything with enough interesting content and I always find myself going back to youtube. What about you? - did you stop using youtube? - where do you go instead? - do you just spend less time watching videos? I prefer decentralized solutions but any FLOSS alternative is a good start.

Test pour voir si mon autre instance récupère le contenu de celle-ci
Pour vérifier si les instances distantes récupèrent le contenu de celle-ci

Ok so I managed to make federation working, mind your versions!
I had tried version 0.11.3 and 0.13.0, those were not working, finally tried 0.13.3 as suggested by and now everything is working as expected