Which Matrix clients are you using and why?

I managed to convince my friends to give Matrix a try. Among us we span almost all platforms. Any ideas on what clients to use would be much appreciated…


Syphon • A privacy centric matrix client

Been using this client for matrix and I gotta say. This might be the client to be adopted by many once it’s out of alpha. What do you all think?..


[Question] How much does Matrix homeserver cost on average?

Hello, How much does a small matrix server that I and my friends can use cost on average? I will also set up Whatsapp, Signal and Discord bridge on the server…


[Solved] How can I use syphon and element?

I’m trying to use element on manjaro linux and syphon on an android phone. I’m logged in with manjaro and when I log in from the phone I get a “verify your device” popup. When I click on verify it says “Verify other device To proceed, please accept the verification request on your other device.” But…


Matrix support in Thunderbird

Thunderbird will support matrix protocol out-of-the-box in version 102 (due June) and is available in v91 beta now. …


On fluffychat, how do I see where I've been pinged?

I can see which chats have pinged me, but I don’t know how to jump or view the exact message where I was pinged…


Hosting a blog on Matrix

If you’re reading this, it means it works — this blog is hosted on Matrix. This post describes how I’ve done it…


What happened to

I cannot log in to my acct. …


How to make a Group discoverable ?

Hello Guys, i create a Group for Linux Musicians how i can make this Group discoverable ?..


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