Can’t preview instances
When I click on an instance, it never loads. It just keeps buffering. Is this happening with anyone else?

lmmur 0.9.0 is out, but no source code available
In GitHub repository last commit is from August, last release is 0.8.0, but in Google Play and F-Droid, new version is available to download, but with integrated browser issue. I can't fix this issue by myself and also, old version 0.8.0 from January is outdated and I cannot login to my account. Isn't lemmur open source no more?

‘Economic Picture Ahead Is Dire,’ Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees #ElonMusk #Twitter

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Use external browser
Is it possible to have the option to open links in posts in an external browser, other than the internal lemmur one, just like in jerboa? Thank you.

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Plz add
Can you please add the image downloading feature please. I click the button but it doesn't do anything. Ty

This was posted via lemmur
The app was recently updated in F-droid!

Is Lemmur dead?
Neither of the devs have commented in months and no updates in the github for a while either. Has it been abandoned?

When trying to add the instance to Lemmur, it says "instance not found". Lemmur is a way better app I think, although Jerboa is pretty solid. Does anyone have a solution for that?

Can’t log [fixed with latest update]
It's just me?

How to join federated communities?
I am surprised that this issue exists at all - but can it really be that with Lemmy it is not possible to search or join communities from other instances except for!? I'd like to enter something like `!` ![](

iOS beta testing via TestFlight
Hi, I noticed that the TestFlight link in the sidebar is not accepting new testers. Is it possible to become a tester still? I will provide feedback and report bugs if desired.

Open Lemmy links in Lemmur app?
As the title says, is it possible to choose to open the Lemmy links (for example directly in the Lemmur app instead of in browser?

Pressing the 'home/house' button should go scroll back to the top. If one scrolls down a long way it one needs to scroll back to the top manually, which is just a waste of time. Instead one could douple tab the home button.

This release includes support for lemmy v0.15.0 and lemmur is finally translation-ready! Lemmy devs are kindly hosting lemmur translation strings on their [Weblate instance]( Feel free to contribute strings there, we regularly sync string changes with Weblate. We wanted to make sure that all the efforts that went into translating Lemmy do not go to waste and thus we ported to our Weblate as many translations as we could (~130 strings). We use flutter's native file format for translations: ARB, which itself uses the ICU message syntax. In most cases you will be able to deduce the syntax based on the source string. Here are 3 important examples: #### 1. Placeholders `Hello there {name}!` - placeholders are put in a pair of braces, it will be later replaced with an appropriate value. #### 2. Plurals `You have {amount} new {amount, plural, =0{messages} =1{message} =2{messages} few{messages} many{messages} other{message}}` - plurals are checked against their quantifier and provide 6 possible forms to choose from. In English this example does not make much sense, since we could just provide the `=1{message}` and `other{messages}` case. `other` case always has to be specified, it acts as a fallback. #### 3. Selects `I will take a {distance_name, select, close{bus} far{train} veryFar{plane}}.` - selects allow for arbitrary matching against some predefined cases. All cases should be the same as in the source string.

Can’t log in on the app
I tried to log in on the Lemmur app, but it just wouldn't proceed (infinite loading). Lately I had similar problem with the Element app - when I joined some groups it just endlessly loaded and wouldn't join them unless I restarted the app Does anyone know how to fix it?

Sign in on lemmur hanging?
I just downloaded the latest version of Lemmur from F-Droid and it looks great, but I can't seem to log in to my account. When I fill in the wrong password I get a warning, but when I fill in the right password it just remains loading.

Search in comments ?
Is there any way to do so ? If not, do you think it could be a good feature ? Would it be difficult to implement ? I think it could be great to avoid bringing up something that was already discussed, and if so, help to find and participate in the discussion around that aspect of the topic !

feature request
make custom font option and more themes

Feature request: compact mode
I am not sure this is the best place for a feature request but a discussion before the actual feature request is most welcome. On mobile, lemmure has a card display design. This is nice to show images and other details. However, some people like me want a compact mode a bit like redreader for reddit. Short strips or list of posts and we gat the full detail when we click on the post. This is useful to see more content on screen at once while allowing some quick gestures like swipe left or right to upvode or downvote.

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Combined Instance Notifications
This would be a nice feature to have, so you don't have to manually check every instance you're apart of. I mainly get comment notifications, so its not a big deal for me, but Lemmur is the only mobile app for Lemmy, so it would improve the experience of Lemmy users as a whole. (and make federation an easier for new users.)

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iOS TestFlight ended?
Hey friends, I want to slowly introduce a friend to Lemmy who only has an iPad, but it seems that Lemmur is not available anymore on TestFlight via the link on the sidebar. Is this an oversight?

[Solved] Can’t login on lemmur 0.7.0 (fdroid)
I just discovered lemmy and created an account on the web (because lemmur send me there). I can obviously login to but not on lemmur. Is that a bug? ![]( Edit: My account is appearantly "Mordor" and not "mordor" - even though I signed up as "mordor". Web client handles this but not lemmy.

Why does it keep saying “Pasted from clipboard?”
Whenever I open lemmur since android 12 it notifies me that lemmur pasted from my clipboard without my express permission. That is sketchy. Idk how I feel about using this with that in mind.

_Thanks for lemmur deves for making such an awesome app for Lemmy on android. I am grateful of you for this and more._ ## The story: here I am scrolling this awesome app foss and fedi. Then I realize that I might have some replies, messages, or some Lemmy in app notification yet my natural instinct is to look at the bell icon for some sign of change. Am I conditioned in weird way to expect this "feature". ## The request: kindly add some icon change signal to softly alert the app user that they have a notification in waiting. P.s. : I mute system notification for reasons and peace of mind. I don't mind alerts when I am using the app coz the app has my full attention.

Lemmur claims my password is wrong, but I know for a fact that it isn’t
I've copied my password from bitwarden, I can log in with it on a browser, but the lemmur app just keeps telling my my password is incorrect I'm using android 11

NLNet funding for lemmur
Lemmur is receiving funding from NLNet foundation 🎉. Thanks to it we will be able to work on a set of features that will greatly improve lemmur. The full amount is €10000. Below are all the features with the payout amounts. It's important to note that the order is arbitrary and not reflective of the order in which we will do them. # [Milestones]( ## 1. Onboarding [(#35)]( Creating an onboarding experience for new users. Will help users new to the Fediverse as well those that are familiar with it to get started with Lemmy. * The Fediverse and Lemmy is explained to a new user * A list of curated instances is presented so that they can be added * User can log in or stay anonymous Amount: €400 ## 2. Drafts [(#262)]( Saving comment/post drafts that can be restored at a later time. * When a comment is left unfinished it is saved as a draft and can be restored later * When a post is left unfinished it is saved as a draft and can be restored later Amount: €800 ## 3. Theming system [(#178)]( Customizable, personal theming that can be shared with others. * An interface where many visual aspects of lemmur can be changed * A theme can be exported to a portable file * A previously exported theme can be imported Amount: €1400 ## 4. Live updates [(#279)]( Live updates through WebSockets in chosen places. * New comments on a post appear automatically * Comment/post scores are automatically updated * In-app notifications Amount: €1200 ## 5. Caching [(#280)]( * Instance pages are cached * Community pages are cached * User profiles are cached * Posts are cached * Sorting of community/instance/comment section is cached Amount: €1100 ## 6. Internationalization [(#49)]( Translate the app into other languages. * Strings are hosted on a site where people can contribute translations * Lemmur uses translations instead of hardcoded strings Amount: €1000 ## 7. Markdown editor [(#281)]( Creating a more interactive markdown editor for comments/posts. * Bold, italic, headings, images, links are insertable with a button * Communities can be tagged using an autocomplete * Users can be tagged using an autocomplete Amount: €1200 ## 8. Customization [(#292)]( Expand customization with new comment and post styles, and more user choice relating to the look of the app. * User has 2 post styles to choose from: compact and card * Comments have the following customization options: 1. 2 indent styles: lines and bars 2. 2 button styles: hidden and always visible 3. swipe gestures assignable to user-chosen action * User can turn on or off post trimming and select how many lines should be trimmed * User can select default comment sorting * User can select default inbox sorting * User can choose whether to use raw username instead or display name * User can choose whether to use raw community name or display name Amount: €800 ## 9. Better UX [(#282)]( Various UX improvements to enhance the experience. * When in the home tab, tapping the home tab icon should bring the user to the top * When in the search tab, tapping the search tab icon should bring up the keyboard * Community picker has autocomplete when creating a post * Custom feeds can be created, similar to multireddits but expanded to include search terms and users * Comments can be focused and threads can be followed in a new view Amount: €1100 ## 10. Topic following [(#283)]( Ability to follow a topic or a keyword. * User is able to subscribe to a topic * Notification interval can be chosen Amount: €600 ## 11. Sharing [(#106)]( Ability to share images and links to lemmur. * User is able to share an image or a link to lemmur and include it in a post * User is able to share a link to lemmur and open it as a Lemmy instance. Amount: €400

In this release we have done quite a bit of internal refactoring which will hopefully result in a more stable and consistent experience as well as help us implement new features faster. Notable new features include blocking and reporting. Also logging was adding, which will help us debug problems on users' end. Note: all logs are kept in memory and are not persisted nor sent anywhere. Full changelog: ### Added - Blocking of users and communities (from post and from comment) - Reporting posts and comments - Android theme-aware splash screen (thanks to [@mimi89999]( - Logging: local logs about some actions/errors. Can be accessed from **settings > about lemmur > logs** ### Fixed - Fixed a bug where post would go out of sync with full version of the post - Fixed a bug where making a comment selectable would not always result in making the comment selectable - Full post will now open no matter where you press on the post card - Fixed overflows in various places ### Changed - User banner photo now fits better on user profile

Where can I help with italian translation?
Maybe there's something on sites like Weblate but I can't find it.

Please log out and log back in on instances using Lemmy 0.13.0
Lemmy 0.13.0 invalidated all authentication tokens meaning your current account will cause infinite spinners in lemmur. This has showed us that we should improve invalid auth handling, hence I have created a report for that:

Plans for a hide button?
I was wondering if there are any plans for a hide feature so that I'm less likely to view the same content repeatedly.

Hey, I do not have a lemmy account and I am quite annoyed that lemmur pretends somehow I have one. Additionally, if I discover content via or I can not react to posts. This is especially annonying. Is it that way or can I do something about it?

### Added - Support for Lemmy v0.12.0 - Show cake day on a user's profile and next to their name in a comment

Just installed Lemmur
I got a new android phone today, so I can finally check this out. UI is great. Everything looks really impressive so far. I'm also making this post just to see how posting looked. I was going to complain about the lack of a preview button, but I see the toggle icon for it now. It's clever!

iOS TestFlight beta is closed
I would love to test the iOS beta but it is closed. On [github]( one of the devs recently said that it is available there. So I'm thinking this may not be intentional. I'm using the link on the sidebar. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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