Questions regarding Unity, Windows and gaming

My two sons will be getting a Windows gaming PC for their upcoming Christmas gift. …


Which RSS reader to use?

I am looking for a RSS reader to start using. The big names seem to all have subscription services and that is just too much for me. …


Does anyone send hearts to platonic "opposite" gender folks? How's it go?

(It doesn’t seem to be a colloquial for opposite gender for non-binary. But I think you guys get what I mean? Male to female contact or even like non-binary to whoever you think would misinterpret it.) …


why do you think are touchscreens not standard for laptops?

not even apple uses them. I’d like to sometimes point and click on my linux machine. With my finger. What’s wrong with that, it seems to work well on all the smartphones out there…


A few boxes of stuff like in the photo came in at the thrift store I volunteer at, but none of us are certain on what it is. Searching the branding on it (Siventi) did not yield useful results. The pieces fit but come loose easily no matter which of the holes are used. The “chopsticks” are somewhat …


What are some good YouTube alternatives that aren't supporting Alt Right creators?

I want to upload my videos on another site as backup …


Why is incest so controversially demonized?

I searched up how many generations of incest would it take to destroy a family, and got that it would take thousands of generations to do so. Maybe my research is wrong……


Do you use a wallpaper(Desktop background)?

Do you use a wallpaper(Desktop background)? why or why not…


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