I’ve a QNAP NAS and don’t like having muliple docker containers for the same App. If Apps have multiple containers I wrap them in a LXD container.

When I do that with Lemmy It fails all the time with password issues on the DB. Even when I know the passwords are right. I’ve had the same issues with Docker but it does start eventually.

  • Lionel C-RA
    21 year ago

    I’m not sure I follow, you have the app running in docker, in a lxc container? In which case you might have some issues with e.g volume mounts unless the lxc is running in some privileged mode.

    I would have rather used a VM to isolate a docker app.

    • @DaveP@lemmy.mlOP
      11 year ago

      I have several LXDs running docker containers without any issues. They are set up similar to a VM and work in pretty much the same way. Just install docker inside it. I did try and set up the first ones in a VM and it was exactly the same as installing on LXD except the LXD images were easier to manage and always ended up much smaller in size. Once created LXD, VM and Metal are treated the same for an install. All on their own IP and called in exactly the same way https://<HOST IP>

      I did try it in a VM just in case and Lemmy doesn’t start when I do that either. As I don’t have access to other systems I asked a friend to try installing it and he could get it going just using the docker-compose script never mind in LXD.

      Is there a straight install awaiting that doesn’t use ansible so I can try that.