While using the webview, I just navigate to a post then hit back to go to the timeline. On going back, however, the timeline reloads again and involves a somewhat annoying delay and re-rendering of the timeline page.

Is there a better way to manage this?

I think Reddit mobile view on the web actually manages this well by displaying an overlay for a post that seems to retain the timeline underneath.

Lionel C-R

On my computer I just Ctrl+click or middle-click posts to open them in new tabs, having them open in an overlay would have been nice but I understand it causes accessibility issues so I don’t mind clicking with another button, I’m used to doing so on any other website so no hassle there.

On my smartphone I use jerboa which takes me back to where I was in the feed when I hit the “back” button

yea middle-click is the magic button I use since I was a kid


Hadn’t thought of the accessibility issues. Makes a lot of sense then.

The situation makes me think about whether browsers have stagnated for a while in their general interface. An ephemeral tab overlayed on its origin feels like something a browser should be taking care of.


Modern browsers can retain your scroll position for pages in your history. But Lemmy is a SPA (Single Page App) which means it uses a Javascript framework to manage most things that the browser normally does. When you go back to the feed in Lemmy, Lemmy loads your feed and positions you at the top not the browser.

I believe the dialog element has support in all the mainline browsers now, so again, if you want to load a page in an overlay, that is something browsers can do but Lemmy has to be written to do it that way.

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