I (17NB) am thinking of emigrating from the UK when I’m older, but I’m unsure of where I would want to go.

If you live in Europe or Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc.), what are the good and bad things about life in your country?

  • Lionel C-RA
    611 months ago

    French here, can’t be exhaustive but from the top of my head


    • “universal” healthcare
    • food


    • a president and government working for banks and wealthy people
  • vxnxnt
    511 months ago

    Hello from Germany!

    Due to the availability of public transport and lots of bike friendly infrastructure, commuting is pretty easy and accessible. In my city we even have hybrid busses, so called “Velo Routen” (bike highways), a local train network, with a tram network being planned for the future. We even have free ferries here in the north! However, most of this is usually city specific and some will definitely be better or worse than others.

    Aside from that, we also have tuition free college and a pretty good healthcare system as far as I can tell. The beer here is also cheap and really good, while you can usually find yourself a kebab shop just around any corner. The vegan and vegetarian options in grocery stores are also fairly decent.

    However, the main problem probably lies within our current retirement system with our aging population and decline in birth rates. Because of this, younger generations keep having to pay more and more for the older generation’s retirement funds. Also you have to manually opt-out of paying church tax here, which is really absurd.

  • super_user_do
    11 months ago

    South Italian here! Italy is an amazing country to live in, mainly for the food, history, architecture etc

    The good: History, regional cultures, food, architecture, lifestyle

    The bad: Declining job market, stagnant ass economy, lack of economic opportunities (especially in the
    south), aging population, extremely unstable political scene, taxes, extremely culturally/politically/socially divided society, racism and hate towards lgbtq+ people, bad public transport in the south

    I still think that it’s worth it to move to Italy but before doing anything secure yourself a job and somewhere to move in

    Racism and hate towards lgbtq+ are very different and come in different flavors based on where you are

    Ask anything if you want me to be more specific