Difference Between Laser Engraver and Ordinary Engraver

To understand the difference between ordinary engraving machines and Sculpfun laser engraving machines, we must first understand what is ordinary engraving machine and laser engraver. Ordinary engraving machine refers…


This website shows Elon's promises are to ease investors and make headlines

The webpage shows what was said, when, and where things stand now. Great demonstrator of his bullshit and disconnect seeing what “will” happen and the end result…


The Not Very Smart Elon Musk

As Twitter implodes under Musk’s rule, a lawsuit argues Tesla is vastly overpaying the world’s richest man…


UK bans Chinese surveillance equipment in 'sensitive' Whitehall buildings

The new restriction applies to all companies that are subject to China’s national security law, which forces firms to co-operate with Beijing’s security networks…


Thanks YouTube! Your filtering is great!..


Orange Pi 5: 8-core CPU 2.4GHz, up to 32GB DDR4

I’ve looked at the 4, 8 and 16 GB and they are at €72, 90, 126 with preorder during a few days…


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