Lionel C-R

Very interesting indeed, I could feel that wasn’t easy but had never read a such detailed description of the hardships encountered doing so.

It’s not THE solution but maybe it would be nice to have some sort of testimony section on code management tools so that developers could also feel the love for their product and not only negativity. Of course people could create issues to thank devs but since they’re called issues…

Well at least I can use this occasion to thank you and all the other devs and contributors for the wonderful job on lemmy, I really enjoy it.


Thanks <3

For me at least, the burnout comes from the fact that I want to code, not troubleshoot. I want to make new features, build snazzy front ends, and not have to worry about money.

But as lemmy’s gotten more popular, a big chunk of my time is spent doing the things the article mentions: responding to an endless stream of notifications that builds faster than you can close them, helping debug people’s system setups, address people’s odd use-case pet features they want, and troubleshoot other issues.

Many times people can be very rude, not realizing they’re asking you to do free labor for them. Its very similar to how some people treat restaurant servers as their personal servants.

It helps a lot to realize that we are not obligated to respond to anyones issue. Wee are providing a software for free, and if sonething cant get it working, thats their problem. They can just not use it, or pay someone for help. Just because I wrote some software doesnt mean I owe anyone an explanation how it works.

In this regard I think it will be helpful if we aggressively close any support requests on Github, and tell people to ask on Lemmy/Matrix, where other people can help them.

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