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Someone made a RTL Arabic lemmy!

Could someone who speaks Arabic please contact them? I’d love to get those changes incorporated into lemmy-ui…


iced is my favorite rust gui library. It’s really clean, and super easy to learn if you’re coming from other elm-type UI design systems like react.

They gone. Report those ones and we’ll get to them as soon as we can.

Sry about that… the inbox stuf& should be fixed in the next update also.

I don’t understand. We have no plans to replicate or bundle an entire wiki, so what purpose would renaming the sidebar to wiki serve?

Probably not, but you can put anything in your community sidebar, including posts, which support markdown in the post body.

You need to open an issue and give a console log, I can’t tell what’s going on.

The title tag is correct, its for screen reader support for icons.

I can’t help you debug forks, you’re on your own there. Its almost certainly because your forked UI is using a wrong version of lemmy-js-client that works with the lemmy backend, so its missing or has incorrect fields in the request JSON.

Is this when loading your inbox page initially, rather than navigating to it? Because that’s a known bug that’ll be fixed in the next release.

We use drone, there is a .drone.yml file in the root of both lemmy and lemmy-ui. But I don’t understand why you aren’t using the existing images, which are already built for arm.

@zergling_man@lemmy.perthchat.org open up an issue on the github because its not clear to me what you’re trying to do.

At the moment, I switch to my user menue, switch to Preferences and to Blockings. There I enter the name of the respective community.

That is how you block communities yes. The next update also has a button to block them from the community page itself.

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Pictures should be working smoothly now.

All the old pictures are restored from a backup, and should be working now. We’ve bought more hard drive space too, so we should be okay for a while…


An Anki deck of toki ma + emojis

Created this to help memorize the vocab…


Lemmy Release v0.16.6 - A few bug fixes

Sry for not announcing sooner…


Lemmy Release v0.16.1: Bug fixes

A few bug fixes: …