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Shocked CEO in a year: “where did it go wrong”

Customers: points at ads

CEO: “yes, but where did we go so wrong”

Customers: Still pointing

There’s an app for android that does a similar thing called “UntrackMe”

Delicious wisdom. Worth a cross post to !wholesomememes

Well there have been sub’s with almost twice that number of rules…but that user is no longer on Lemmy.

Rule of thumb, if its racist, rude or inflammatory its probably impersonator rather than Dessalines.

Yeah I guess I wasn’t very specific, of course its fine if people are unhappy and want to change services, but the amount of people that pounced on the omitted results from one torrent site without knowing the cause and just used it for self validation is wat I was meaning.

Hopefully the “DDG is turning into google” crowd can STFU now

Put a question mark on my name once more!

This might seem like an odd question, but in real life conversations (like at school/work, staff in a store, social events etc) have you experienced the conversation that seems like it’s going normally, and then suddenly and unexpectedly it seems like the person gets real snappy, or mad, or just stops talking and walks away?

Ubuntu 22.04 Is due out on April 21

Then again, if you are on Ubuntu 21.10 or 20.04 LTS an early taste is just a sudo do-release-upgrade -d away. …


yes, cutting internet access is probably enough…however you may want to have a look at “disable-system-app-bloatware-android”

For battery saving, screen is one of the biggest draws, keep it off or dim if possible. Second, and not realistic for most people (but worth mentioning) is the radios, keep the main radio off with airplane mode and then enable wifi.

For aggressive battery control, I used to use Greenify but a good looking equivalent (that I haven’t used personally) would be SuperFreezZ this will suspend apps when not in use to stop them “phoning home” constantly

It doesn’t seem to do anything useful that you can’t do from “settings”

“Device care” looks like a nasty piece of bloatware designed to suck up metrics for Samsung, in my opinion. A quick skim of googlePlay reviews makes me think I’m not just being a nasty old cynic.

Matrix support in Thunderbird

Thunderbird will support matrix protocol out-of-the-box in version 102 (due June) and is available in v91 beta now. …


Ok ive just switched to jerboa now myself, by default it let’s you view Lemmy from a guest account. So its a bit unintuitive but you have to go to the menu @ top left and add account first.

This has got to be one of the stupidest trolls we have had in ages.

The lowest of the low - Puns

What does a groaning lemmy sound like? Enter here and find out!..


New community for word-y things

Everything except puns…


When your German family learns English friend gave you Gift for your birthday! o_0


41% of the money came from USA vs 49% from Canada …



Need friends like this…


AI programmed for Identifying Birds…


Meme about exercise, Relevant here…


Past ominous

I wonder if Kryzsztof Penderecki ( would fit here, specifically “The dream of Jacob” although it may be beyond ominous and more like fever dream :) …