I mostly show all communities and sort type new, because content is still coming in relatively slowly. There I switch between posts and comments.

If you post something on lemmy I’ll read it :D

Usually active local followed by active all. But if i am really thirsty for content, then instead I’ll go for new all. When i first started using lemmy and after a long time not using, i browsed the top all time from all. The sorting by hot and subscriptions will probably work better for me in the future, but right now i avoid them entirely.

If you post something on lemmy I’ll read it :D

Jokes aside, usually active/subscribed first and new/all later.


yeah, but lovingly right

I do active subscribed, then new, then all new


I use Active; I repeatedly check new posts.

New; if there is little post activity.

Lionel C-R

I do exactly the same that way I always get new content as I check in a few times a day. I have trouble understanding the trending and active sorting methods.

Active, showing my subscribed communities for regular browsing.

Though as an admin, I regularly switch to Newest, All local and federated content visible on the instance, so I can moderate new content coming in. Sometimes I also discover new communities that I like when doing this.

I go between “new” and “hot”.

“active” sorting is just terrible.

Active, with my feed configured on my subscriptions. In a post, I systematically switch on “top”, which is annoying to repeat this action every time. I would love to be able to configure independantly the sorting method for the feed and for the posts.

By all and new. I wish I could set a default.

You can set your default community to view to ALL and your default sorting to NEW via your accounts settings area.

Thank you. How did I not know this.

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