The ABetterUbisoft group is calling on fans to sign petition to give workers a "seat at the table"

Game developers associated with the ABetterUbisoft group are petitioning the Assassin’s Creed publisher for a seat at the table, and a “meaningful say in how Ubisoft as a company moves forward.”


I am not sure what is the point of working at/with Ubisoft if you want to change anything. It’s also not like game developers have no other workplaces paid well enough. One collaborates with a company that is for long years openly dismissive of both their users and devs and is super conservative in their designs. It is not for fame either, because ± no player will ever know their names.

It feels just strange. These people are fighting for what exactly? For better Ubisoft that was never theirs and never promised to be theirs? For little control over company which concept is clearly at odds with their mental state and which will continue to be at odds with them for many years to come even if they have a seat and will just slowly drain their life away?

Isn’t forming their own company or joining one with closer views like a bazillion times better and lifespan-caring?

The best I can do is never buy an Ubisoft game. Which I’m already doing for the last 35 years.

Why make a petition when they need a labor union?

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