• Lionel C-RA
    52 years ago

    It’s a shame to have to come to this when easy solutions could have been used, specially when they have been so clearly identified and outlined.

    • Arthur BesseOP
      2 years ago

      on the other hand, and other side of the so-called “proxy” service, it’s a shame that the golang community has so far mostly acquiesced to the situation where the language’s tooling by default relies on making numerous connections to google’s servers.

      • Ephera
        32 years ago

        I imagine, it’s somewhat of a self-selecting community thing. I would have a problem with that, but knowing Google, I fully expect some shitfuckery like that to be included, so I stay as far away from Go as possible.

        Hell, I’d even rather not use projects implemented in Go, because evidently the devs don’t mind a bit of shitfuckery, potentially even in their own code.