• Lionel C-RA
    12 years ago

    I tried QOwnNotes out but I’m quite disapointed (in comparison to Joplin):

    • I find the interface cluttered, even though I can choose the elements to show
    • The companion extension for firefox lacks functionality, I did not see a way to set tags while saving the page
    • Adding multiple tags in the application is cumbersome as it requires to click a button for each one
    • The way the nextcloud connexion works is unclear, it says I’m connected but I still need a sync client to synchronize my notes. Indeed, after having created a note I did not see anything pop up on my nextcloud.
    • I already said it but there’s no android app, even though I could just use a text editor coupled with my nextcloud app for synchronization, I would miss out on some functionalities, as searching by tags for example

    It’s just not compatible with my desired workflow.