Blue Skies Over Mastodon
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Ever wondered why some links you add to a Mastodon post generate a nice preview card (image + description) and other's don't? Or why a SoundCloud link produces an embedded audio player but Spotify doesn't? This article goes deep into why that occurs. And - this is my first Lemmy post!
fedilink - Emacs mastodon instance
5 - Emacs mastodon instance

A video exploring the brief history of scheduling posts as a feature on Mastodon, in which ways it has been implemented, and progress being made to implement it. [YouTube Link](

The Story Of John Mastodon
cross-posted from: > John Mastodon was a computer programmer and avid social media user. He was frustrated with the centralized nature of most social media platforms, which meant that a single company had control over the content and data of its users. This often led to censorship, privacy violations, and manipulation by the companies for their own financial gain. > > John wanted to create a social media platform that was decentralized, meaning that it would not be controlled by a single entity. He believed that this would give users more control over their own data and allow for a more open and free exchange of ideas. > > He spent several years researching and developing the Mastodon platform, which used a decentralized network of servers to host content and user data. This meant that no single server or company had control over the network, but rather it was maintained by a community of volunteers and users. > > As word of Mastodon spread, more and more people became interested in the platform. It attracted a diverse group of users from around the world, including activists, artists, and technology enthusiasts. > > Despite facing some challenges and setbacks, John was able to successfully launch Mastodon and it quickly gained a large and active user base. It became known for its commitment to free speech and privacy, and users appreciated the ability to connect with others in a more authentic and open way. > > Today, Mastodon is a thriving social media network with millions of users, and John Mastodon is hailed as a pioneer in the world of decentralized technology.


If you are looking for the ElonJet account here it is, you can also follow it from your instance by searching

Musk purging tons of journalists right now
Expect another influx of new users to mastodon

Mastodon - Who blocks whom
cross-posted from: A few days ago, a page was published in the Fediverse where you could check which Mastodon instance is blocking whom in the Fediverse. This was made possible by a programmer who used the new Mastodon API introduced in 4.0 and automatically read out the blacklists of the instances. The information about who blocks who is in many ways more than just interesting for those who want to choose an instance. As it was already written in a German thread about the topic, it would be helpful to know whether you reach your target group at all, if you register on an instance.

Mastodon Server Installation and Support
Zojax Group is now offering Mastodon Server Installation and Support

cross-posted from: > [Eternal September]( is when influx from some other (often shittier and collapsing) platform overwhelms the unique culture that existed before, and in time fully replaces it. Destroying what existed before. > > 🧠 💭 **Figure out strategies & actions in comments below .. participate!** > > For example, I introduced 2 hashtags for awareness: > > - **#AvoidEternalSeptember** Raise attention to the culture clash. > - **#DonateToFediInstances** Help admins and moderators withstand the influx and give them your support. > > We want to be gentle, welcoming to newcomers. Show them around. But also keep having the nice chattering and culture we had before, and maybe give those some extra boosts to exemplify and spread the vibes. > > Here's [a poll]( to make newcomers aware that taking Twitter culture with you on the Fediverse is just weird. > > ### Fedizens... Be strategical in how you toot to help avoid that from happening

A document with ideas and links for improving Mastodon ecosystem
Here is a copy of what was in the Etherpad (updated 2022-11-05): **Easy, anyone can do it:** * Help improve Wikipedia article **Somewhat advanced - Provide suggestions and help improve relevant software:** * * * * figure out how to efficiently encourage people to choose or move to the instance that is most fitting for them there should be more / better tools to help people easily find the instance that fits their interests the most Interface for finding server should let user mark various interests and return sorted list of most fitting servers process of migrating to a different instance should be made easier **Cross-post your Mastodon posts to Twitter:** * * * * find ways to Twitter replies to appear in Mastodon, resulting in a fully bridged thread find ways to import some or all existing data from existing Twitter profile figure out how to efficiently encourage people to choose or move to the instance that is most fitting for them * there should be more / better tools to help people easily find the instance that fits their interests the most * process of migrating to a different instance should be made easier **More technical stuff:** * Look through open issues, see if there is anything you can help with. Also help clean up by going through old issues and suggesting outdated or resolved ones for closure. * Help write documentation * host your own instance getting people to use it will help distribute the burden that is currently on * takes long time to load. Probably transfers whole list before parsing it or something. Find ways to split the process and make information display faster

Favorites? hmm
Where are the "favorites" in the Mastodon app on android?

Is the new official Mastodon client worth it?
I'm still using Tusky on Android because it's on F-Droid. As far as I can see, the new official client is not there. Is it worth installing it or not worth the effort since it's not on F-Droid and I can't one-click install it? What do you recommend?

Command line tool to move Mastodon accounts?
I was wondering whether there is a command line tool to move Mastodon accounts between instances. Actually, I want to test moving an account from a Mastodon instance to a Pleroma instance. [This should already work]( but it is not implemented in the Pleroma frontend yet.

After Musk Acquires Twitter, Mastodon Sees Flood of Traffic, Server Slowdown
cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > I think they twitter will become a lot more lax on bans, potentially more strict on banning people who make fun of elon. I think trump will return to twitter. Overall, seems like a ginormous win for the libertarians/ancaps. > > > > I think we should capitalize on this moment and bring way more people to the fediverse.

A Brief Mastodon Guide for Social Media Worriers
cross-posted from: > Nice introduction by [Per Axbom]( who also just rejoined the Fediverse.

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