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I’ve explained in detailed my little illiterate dronie.

Disproportionately minorities. Convicted of crimes. Problematic. Bad. Should be fixed.

It’s literally a feature not a bug. The drug laws in US are specifically designed to round up minorities to use as slave labour. Entire books have been written on the subject.

Not the same as people literally being enslaved for being Uyghurs without any individual suspicion of any crime at all.

You’re right, there is actual tangible evidence for people being enslaved in US.

Ah, for some reason, it wasn’t in the part I had quoted. I see now. I think you should maybe try reading the rest of that source.

Child learns to read. 😂

anyway, I’m done with you, your putin-lovin’ is boring now.

Please do go and spew drivel elsewhere.

it also likes to pay people in currency they can’t use to buy food and really loves to ban dissent. yeah, their citizens aren’t fed up with the bullshit at all, that extra eight weeks of life expectancy is totally worth not being able to get food.

Yeah, it sucks when a murderous empire blockades your country.

South Koreans saying “inequality is pretty rough, it’s kinda hell” is not the same a North Koreans saying “we don’t have any rights and regularly have to attend celebrations of our god-king, it’s fine, we’re not complaining, who’s complaining.” One nice thing about freedom is that you’re allowed to complain.

Ah look at you, an expert on North Korea. 😂

… you know that’s literally not how depraved the US regime is, right? You know we stopped segregation a while ago, right?

You know that US regime holds 20% of WORLD’s prison population, and it’s disproportionately minorities being used as literal slave labour right?

I’m not sure what your source is, but I assure you, the Nazis did, in fact segregate the Jews from the gentiles.

I literally linked the source. Maybe try working on your reading comprehension instead of making an ass of yourself on a public forum?

lol, you think Syria is doing well right now?

Sure doing better than Libya where there are literal slave markets and Afghanistan where there is mass starvation because US robbed them of their foreign assets. Meanwhile, the only reason Syria isn’t doing well right now is because US is occupying Syrian oil fields and food producing regions. I can’t wait to see what nonsense will spew out of you next.


Cuba has higher literacy and life expectancy than US. 😂

Yeah, like South Korea, Japan… utter hell. So much worse than Belarus and North Korea…

Literally what people living in South Korea refer to it as https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/young-south-koreans-call-their-country-hell-and-look-for-ways-out/2016/01/30/34737c06-b967-11e5-85cd-5ad59bc19432_story.html

Keep on going there. Can’t wait to see what new levels of absurdity you’ll be able to attain.

Oh and did I mention that US literally inspired nazis in the 30s, but even they initially thought that US segregation laws were too severe. I’ll repeat that Literal nazis thought US was oppressing Black people too much. Let that fucking sink in. That’s how utterly depraved US regime is. https://billmoyers.com/story/hitler-america-nazi-race-law/

“overthrowing” through political influence is different from “overthrowing” with tanks and missilees. And “we don’t like being invaded by Russia regularly” is not right-wing extremism.

Yes, we’re talking about literal overthrowing by funding actual fascists, and having violent mobs overthrow the government. This is pretty well documented

I love how “ignoramus” is like the only insult you know. And I like how you just decided to pretend Russia wasn’t involved in the Donbas war and annexing Crimea wasn’t an act of war.

Just the same way the west was involved in western Ukraine what is your point here child?

oh no, I thought you were just talking about deaths caused

Ah, it was the Soviet Union’s fault that nazis invaded. You’re utterly deplorable.

Lol, the USSR was equally involved in most of those wars, and Russia is fucking around in Syria right now too.

It was not equally involved in those wars because it was US that chose to invade countries half way across the world. Meanwhile, the only reason Syria doesn’t look like Libya today is because Russia intervened. Imagine being such an utter ghoul to think that Syria being destroyed by US is a better outcome.

And the exact same pattern is seen in all other interventions. Vietnam and Cuba are successful socialist states today thanks to USSR. Meanwhile, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and many other countries are hell on Earth thanks to US. That’s the difference. And the fact that you can’t see it says everything I need to know about you.

but yeah, nothing Russia did comes close to the proxy wars between Russia and the US.

I implore you to learn some history so you don’t look like a total 🤡. You’re an utter embarrassment and you don’t even realize it.

NATO is a defensive alliance that only exists to discourage

NATO has invaded multiple countries such as Yugoslavia, Libya, and Afghanistan. It’s very clearly an aggressive alliance. If you’re gonna lie, at least lie about something that can’t be googled in a couple of seconds.

Good thing the Russian economy is doing great and its military hasn’t sufferend major losses at all.

Why don’t see what The Economist has to say about that, must be shilling for Putin 😂 https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2022/10/11/as-europe-falls-into-recession-russia-climbs-out

The US engaged in mild political shenanigans in Ukraine.

Ah yes, mild political shenanigans like overthrowing a legitimate government and putting right wing extremists in power.

The difference is that Ukranians were more upset with the whole “they’re actively murdering us” thing, both times it happened. and then, upset that it didn’t work the first time, Russia decided, “maybe more murder will help!”

Ukraine was in a civil war between the east and the west since the coup ignoramus.

Yugoslavia was engaged in a civil war before NATO joined in. Before. Ukraine’s “civil war” was a war war, where also a few Ukranians joined Russia in the war.

Ukraine was engaged in a civil war before Russia joined in. Before. Russia did not join any war until this year. I love how you just keep doubling down when shown to be a liar and an ignoramus. Keep digging dronie.

Nah, anybody who states blatant falsehoods confidently exposes themselves for what they really are. Keep trying to pretend that Russia is responsible for worse crimes than US dronie.

Let’s just see what actual research says on the subject of the famine in Ukraine. During the 1932 Holodomor Famine, the USSR sent aid to affected regions in an attempt to alleviate the famine. According to Mark Tauger in his article, The 1932 Harvest and the Famine of 1933:

While the leadership did not stop exports, they did try to alleviate the famine. A 25 February 1933 Central Committee decree allotted seed loans of 320,000 tons to Ukraine and 240,000 tons to the northern Caucasus. Seed loans were also made to the Lower Volga and may have been made to other regions as well. Kul’chyts’kyy cites Ukrainian party archives showing that total aid to Ukraine by April 1933 actually exceeded 560,000 tons, including more than 80,000 tons of food

Some bring up massive grain exports during the famine to show that the Soviet Union exported food while Ukraine starved. This is fallacious for a number of reasons, but most importantly of all the amount of aid that was sent to Ukraine alone actually exceeded the amount that was exported at the time.

Aid to Ukraine alone was 60 percent greater than the amount exported during the same period. Total aid to famine regions was more than double exports for the first half of 1933.

According to Tauger, the reason why more aid was not provided was because of the low harvest

It appears to have been another consequence of the low 1932 harvest that more aid was not provided: After the low 1931, 1934, and 1936 harvests procured grain was transferred back to peasants at the expense of exports.

Tauger is not a communist, and ultimately this specific article takes the view that the low harvest was caused by collectivization (he factors in the natural causes of the famine in later articles, based on how he completely neglects to mention weather in this article at all its clear that his position shifted over the years). However, its interesting to see that the Soviets really did try to alleviate the famine as best as they could.


Also, love how you count Soviets killing nazis in WW2. Turns out you’re a nazi sympathizer as well. Not really surprising, but worth noting.

Meanwhile, let’s just take a look at a few things US has been responsible for in recent history https://www.worldfuturefund.org/Reports/Imperialism/usmurder.html

I’ll repeat this once again since you have hard time understanding basic facts. Nothing Russia has done comes even close to the atrocities US has committed and is currently committing this very day.

US bombing killed about 20~25% of North Korean population and destroyed 85% of their buildings. Napalms were dropped and cities were reduced to ashes. North Koreans teach their children that it was a holocaust. This is what US has been doing and continues to do today.

Nah, I’m just stating the fact that anybody who uses the word tankie has intellectual development of a small child. Your other comments in this thread confirm this statement.

NATO wasn’t hostile towards Russia, though.

Hostility towards Russia is literally the reason NATO exists.

And invading Ukraine didn’t really help with that.

Seems like it did given that NATO is becoming demilitarized while the economies of NATO members are starting to unravel leading to domestic unrest across the western world.

Russia kept turning Ukraine against itself.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Ukraine was a neutral country that had good relations with both Europe and Russia prior to US running a color revolution there that overthrew the elected government. You continue to out yourself as an utter ignoramus.

Yugoslavia was engaged in full-on civil war. Ukraine was not. That’s one huge difference.

Yes it was ignoramus. Go read up on what led to Minsk agreements. Eastern Ukraine rebelled against the regime the west installed in 2014 and there was a civil war ever since.

I see you’ve made a self referential comment.

Are tankies in the room with you right now?

You should open a history book yourself someday kiddo. The 6 million is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to US atrocities. The sheer amount of ignorance required to think that Russia has killed more people than US is frankly astounding. Americans massacred so many indigenous people that the global temperature cooled!

And even if you want to pretend that the US is just as bad as Russia… The west villifies the US all the time, we’re widely regarded to suck pretty hard. Why should we pretend Putin is a saint?

There is no comparison between Russia and the US. Nothing Russia has ever done even begins to come close to the atrocities US is committing around the globe. War on terror alone massacred over 6 million people. US is currently facilitating a literal genocide in Yemen, and starving Afghanistan after going on a murder spree there for two decades. Comparing Russia to this is frankly laughable.