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yep, that does make sense from security / moderation standpoint, as one “god community” would probably get Bad Apple’d ™ .
but I would argue that “lol just manually opt-in to other communities” could be improved.
I will go search through issues on GitHub to see which of my ideas were already proposed and which still need to be opened 👍

Is it?
On Mastodon I can take a look at “Federated timeline” and see the posts from the people that I have not followed. Because instances already federate by themselves (due to some other user on my instance following the user on other instance) but yes, I see your point

Maybe Desktop Linux does not have same priority as Windows in their eyes, but have you seen Steam Deck? The handheld PC that runs Linux-based SteamOS? The very popular thing that Valve made?
As far as I understand, people who work at Valve are very intelligent, and they understand the importance of Linux.
we will see what the future brings

wait, what about if you have two communities where mods and admins are fine. Are there any options to federate those communities?

all this time I was under impression that communities already federate

O wait, the whole federation allows federation of just users and not communities?
So all this time I have been looking at posts just on the main instance and not posts across all instances?
fugggggggg so now I have to go search for communities of same name on all other instances as well and subscribe to them? ok, fine. How do I do this? there should really be something that automates this process

lol, no, I do not work at volvo.
I’m using beta client just so that I get cool stuff sooner. And also to help make gaming on Linux better for others by finding and reporting issues in the beta client.

very good self-hosted RSS reader ![comafeed screenshot](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1256795/184886828-1973f148-58a9-4c6d-9587-ee5e5d3cc2cb.png)

by instagram

Isn’t Instagram owned by Facebook / Meta?> test

Yes, LibRedirect is redirecting done on client side and Farside is redirecting done on server side. So Farside works even without browser plugins. I mostly use it when sharing links with other people, so that I do not send them into various privacy hellholes just because I wanted them to see something interesting.

Good question in regards to subscriptions. I’m not a web developer, so I do not know exactly what are all the technologies that could be used to solve this.

This is why https://farside.link/ is a very good thing to use.

Well, it moves the issue of privacy-frontend linkrot one level higher.
What happens if farside.link goes down? Should there be a service that redirects between multiple Farside instances? (for start it would be great if there were any other Farside instances) That’s again the same issue, but on different level. Is solution somewhere in IPFS or in some other decentralised technology? No idea, but it would be great if more people paid attention to this and helped find these solutions.

I hope that this outage brings more attention to Lemmy

Oh lol, that actually went through. On my side it looked like it failed to post. Thank you for pointing this out.

Matrix has this thing: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-public-archive
So Matrix bridge to Discord in combination to this is a weak solution.
I have seen someone refer to Discord as “Black hole for information”. It is nice to see that people are thinking about possible solutions and working on them.

Matrix has this thing: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-public-archive
So Matrix bridge to Discord in combination to this is a weak solution.
I have seen someone refer to Discord as “Black hole for information”. It is nice to see that people are thinking about possible solutions and working on them.

Well, TechQuickie, but more people probably know about LinusTechTips umbrella.

Bad bot
Where did you find Youtube videos? Is every “tube” a “youtube” for you? Let find the source code for your criteria.
@Arsen6331@lemmygrad.ml how is this bot configured? Also, maybe instead of suggesting multiple invidious instances, suggest farside.link

wait what, this isn’t even my post. Why did I think that bot replied to me? Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

Good Bot.

But I used Youtube link just for one moment before I make one more edit and change the link to https://farside.link/invidious/watch?v=eUPJ9zFV5IE

This uses https://farside.link/ (https://github.com/benbusby/farside) which is a service that redirects visitor to one of the Invidious instances on the list.

The step with direct Youtube link is just so that Lemmy post gets a thumbnail, which it would otherwise not get with farside.link

Edit: actually lol, the thumbnail went away. This process did work before, so I do not know what changed.

changed URL to the video that Matrix channel uploaded

consider suggesting Farside.link instead of just 3 invidious instances.
It has much bigger list of instances and it doesn’t always send the visitor to the same one.
and it also does many other frontends.

Ah, I see you already set that up. Thank you 👍

I’m happy to see that the draft for the Lemmy article that I started came in useful.

I was under impression that the process on Wikipedia is that draft gets improved until it gets accepted. But ok, going directly for an article seems to work as well.

Since draft is no longer useful, it should probably be deleted, right? Any idea how to request it’s deletion? I checked around some templates. There is a not-yet-accepted template for proposed draft deletion and a rejected template for proposed draft deletion. So I have no idea what the actual current process for proposing draft deletion is.

fuggggg, Linux 4.0 was almost 8 years ago. How time flies.
but maybe my perspective is skewed, as I got into Linux around the time of 2.4 and 2.6. those two felt like Linux version releases move very slowly. But now that I check Linux version history, I see that versions 0 and 1 went for about as long, if not even faster, than versions 3 and 4

What do you mean by “click on an instance”?

Edit: Ah, I see, when you tap on the domain name part of the community. For me it shows an error, saying " null can not be cast as int" or something like that.

what exactly does “locality-specific” mean here?
https://fediverse.observer/map seems to show more instances, but I guess those additional ones are not locality-specific?

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/651369 > You need to generate an openssl secret with: > > openssl rand -hex 32 > > and include the following lines into your `/var/www/peertube/config/production.yaml` file after the webserver section: > > # Secrets you need to generate the first time you run PeerTube > secrets: > # Generate one using `openssl rand -hex 32` > peertube: '[put output of openssl rand -hex 3 here]' > BE

wait, does HedgeDoc also allow real-time collaboration like Etherpad does?

No, Commafeed is the new Google Reader.

But article is correct about RSS being awesome. More info sources should utilise it.

Wait do people in this thread even understand federation?

regular expressions? Any decent text editor should have them. But with text editor you could either just find the hashtags, or do the “replace text” with a regular expression that matches everything that is not a hashtag, and replaces it with nothing.

If you are willing to use command line, you could copy the contents of the article into a text file and then use grep command in combination with regular expression that does match hashtags. That would get you a proper list.

Oh wow, you are correct, I provided an incorrect URL at first. Fixed it now.
Thank you for pointing this out 👍
I guess all the upvotes were from people who already knew about magic wormhole.

I came here to shill as well
it’s an amazing piece of software that allows you to transfer files between any two machines or easily share them with your friends.
it’s P2P most of the time, except where there is no direct path between two machines, then it goes through wormhole relay

LibreJam 202212
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/602665 > Next LibreJam upcoming! > > Jam Version: 202212 > Theme: TBA > Theme announced at: 2022-12-01 00:00 UTC > Submissions end at: 2022-12-14 23:59 UTC > Ratings end at: 2022-12-21 23:59 UTC > > More info at: https://jamgaroo.xyz/jams/1 > IRC: ircs://leagueh.xyz/#librejam > Webchat: https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient /?settings=ea63ab40970bce06b2aa2a25b6185b2d > > InfoPage also on gemini: gemini://bytecrab.org/librejam/index.gmi ;) > > Theme suggestions welcome!

Interesting article.

It is good that people are sharing good practices, ideas and suggestions for how to better configure infrastructure that is used for Fediverse.

But I get a feeling that this is somewhat similar to the classic business solution of “throwing money at the problem”. It’s providing solutions to the symptom, not the cause.

The solutions that would benefit the whole Fediverse the most would be the ones that improve things at the protocol level, so that the increased activity would not put as much pressure on hardware and software as it does now.

A document with ideas and links for improving Mastodon ecosystem
Here is a copy of what was in the Etherpad (updated 2022-11-05): **Easy, anyone can do it:** * Help improve Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastodon_%28software%29 **Somewhat advanced - Provide suggestions and help improve relevant software:** * https://github.com/tuskyapp/Tusky * https://github.com/nolanlawson/pinafore * https://github.com/ihabunek/toot * https://fedilab.app/ figure out how to efficiently encourage people to choose or move to the instance that is most fitting for them there should be more / better tools to help people easily find the instance that fits their interests the most Interface for finding server should let user mark various interests and return sorted list of most fitting servers process of migrating to a different instance should be made easier **Cross-post your Mastodon posts to Twitter:** * https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br/ * https://github.com/renatolond/mastodon-twitter-poster * https://moa.party/ * https://gitlab.com/fedstoa/moa find ways to Twitter replies to appear in Mastodon, resulting in a fully bridged thread find ways to import some or all existing data from existing Twitter profile figure out how to efficiently encourage people to choose or move to the instance that is most fitting for them * there should be more / better tools to help people easily find the instance that fits their interests the most * process of migrating to a different instance should be made easier **More technical stuff:** * Look through open issues, see if there is anything you can help with. Also help clean up by going through old issues and suggesting outdated or resolved ones for closure. https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon * Help write documentation https://github.com/mastodon/documentation * host your own instance getting people to use it will help distribute the burden that is currently on mastodon.social * https://the-federation.info/mastodon takes long time to load. Probably transfers whole list before parsing it or something. Find ways to split the process and make information display faster

I believe that you are a bit confused about how things work in Android.
There is no “lemmur’s internal browser”. At least not as far as I understand. What you are referring might be Android’s built-in browser. It opens links in any app, not just in Lemmur. Opens as in it displays a website, but when you look at your open apps, the browser is not a separate app, but instead appears to be the original app from which the link was opened.

In my case, I use Firefox Nightly, and I have it set as phone’s default browser.
When I either click on a link in Lemmy, or when I use the “open in browser” option, Firefox opens up as a separate application and displays the website.

So I’m not sure what exactly you need to do in order to set up the desired functionality, but I am telling you that it can be done.

also the “open in browser” is not what you want, since you want to open “links in posts”, but the open in browser thing opens the web interface for Lemmy, not the link that is in the post.

You mean the “open in browser” option that appears when you tap on three dots?

Open, decentralised, immersive worlds built on Matrix

Isn’t Framework DIY Edition meant to be used mostly with Linux?
they say that you get to “Build it yourself and bring your OS”

how does this compare to Sepiasearch? https://sepiasearch.org/

well, apart from all the listed categories


lf only there was a word for it, like a “community” or something.

> The press release you’re looking for is no longer available.
Please use the menu above to view other relevant releases. heh
Now I wonder whether I should delete the posts that I made on Reddit.

actually, Matthew (the main Matrix dude) clarified this:

the >60M users (actual figure is 64M) is based on the phone-home reporting to matrix.org that synapse optionally does
the graph looks like this:
Screenshot 2022-07-14 at 10.58.51.png
of these, around 30M are natively on Matrix (the others are bridged in from other platforms)
and of those about 14M are long-term matrix users

Fedijam 6: Cut Budget Edition \ Friday 20:00 UTC -> Sunday 24:00 \ Your game goes here: \ https://itch.io/jam/fedijam-6 \ Talking goes here: \ https://matrix.to/#/#fedijam:m.wfr.moe \ Post crazy theme suggestions in comments or reply here: \ https://mastodon.technology/@houkimenator/108507645911003343 Also [the organiser is looking for assistance with some parts of the jam](https://mastodon.technology/@houkimenator/108475414550010065)

Floyd the Barber - Big Beat Friday 01 mix
do we have communities for more specific music genres? would it make sense to list some in the sidebar?