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[Question] [SOLVED] Has anyone successfully setup lemmy in docker and using Cloudflare Tunnel?
Edit: Solved! See solution in comments I’ve setup a self hosted lemmy docker and it works when accessing directly on the same subnet. I don’t have ports opened in my firewall and my ISP don’t offer static IP so I rely on Clouflare tunnel as an alternative. I’m able to load the front page, but can’t sign in. I don’t cache JavaScript through Cliudflare so I believe it’s relating to Websockets, but curious if anyone else has been able to get this working?

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Does it make sense to upgrade my ethernet cables?
So I self host some stuff like jellyfin, ssh server for borg backup etc. over lan(Asus RT-AX53U router). And just noticed that i still use cat5 and cat5e cables. Does it make sense to upgrade to newer cat8 cables?

Would a raspberry pi zero manage to host a Lemmy instance?
Title, I want to host a Lemmy instance and to save money I was hoping to use a pizero that I already have. I would consider a vps, but I worry about bandwidth

[Question] OVH vs hetzner for a cheap dedicated server
I don't know if renting a dedicated server goes against the point of selfhosting but whatever. Everyone seems to recommend hetzner on reddit because they are cheaper, but OVH seems to be much cheaper that hetzner for low end servers, especially the Kimsufi and So You Start ranges. This is the server I was looking at with OVH: CPU : Intel Xeon D1520 - 4c/8t - 2.2 GHz/2.6 GHz Memory : 32 GB DDR4 ECC Storage : 4 x 2 TB HDD SATA Soft RAID Public bandwidth : 250 Mbps Price: £26.66 per month. hetzner seems to start a lot higher with specs, but I don't need 64GB of ram and a 1Gb/s internet connection, The instance I am posting this from is the lowest spec kimsufi possible with an intel atom and 4GB of RAM and that is running lemmy and mastodon fine. Is there something else bad about OVH that I am missing? (other than the flammable servers)

what hardware is ideal for a beginner looking to self-host on Yunohost?
it's just me that's going to be using whatever it is, i plan to host a Nextcloud, probably a Matrix server using Synapse, a website, and email. i have an Ethernet cable ready to go, but i'm using someone else's internet at the moment (with their knowledge and approval). i've been looking at Pine64 SBCs, but i'm open to anything as long as it's not a Raspberry Pi

Hello all, Let me share with you with this amazing list of links for self hosting services. Its a very long one, and I have barely tried a handful of them myself. I hope you all find this inspiriting and resourceful. Regards,

If you run a matrix server and haven't yet heard of or moved to spantaleev's matrix-docker-ansible-deploy do yourself a favor and take the plunge. I switched after running matrix with a few bridges for years and wow what a time saver!

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Can I run any of the following with this PC?
So I upgraded my PC a bit last year which ended up in my having 2 now since I went for an AMD and I have some spare cabinets and RAMs. Well, thing is, my other machine has these specs: ``` Motherboard: MSI H110M PRO-VH PLUS Processor: Intel Pentium G4560 3.50 GHz Cabinet: Sentey Slim SS1-2426 Hard Drive: I think it is a Seagate 1TB RAM Memory: Kingston Fury Beast DDR4 KF432C16BB/8 ``` I would like to run any of the following, multiple if possible: - A Lemmy instance - A private tracker - A Matrix instance So what do you say? Is it good enough for any of this shit or is it a piece of junk? I've been using it to play video games but with another 8gb of ram and it worked okay-ish.

Public interest infrastructure. An alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops. A bit similar to Yunohost.

Using a VPN provider vs self-hosting a VPN
I have seen the following argument (summarized here as I understand it): *Despite the promises that VPN providers make, it is known that they will often monitor your traffic, collect logs, might share your information, and will collaborate with law enforcement. Renting a VPS and running an OpenVPN server on it and using that as your VPN, is better - because you have full control over the logs. Let's assume we trust the VPS provider to adhere to their TOS and privacy policy.* To talk about a concrete typical usecase, I am thinking about how this applies to downloading illegal torrents. In my current view, the only scenario in which the self-hosted option makes sense is if you pay for hosting using crypto and reveal no personal information during the process. Otherwise using a VPS would be virtually the same as downloading it through your ISP - and in some cases even worse - because the VPS provider might be more easily pushed to throwing you under the bus if abuse is reported since this might be a TOS violation. On the other hand, a VPN provider has a much larger motivation to protect users against this because the way that users perceive these protections is fundamental to their business model. So, is there a reason to self-host a VPN instead of using a VPN provider? If so, should the VPS be acquired anonymously, or are there ways to protect yourself while using a provider that you gave your personal information to?

Get Google search results, but without any ads, javascript, AMP links, cookies, or IP address tracking. Easily deployable in one click as a Docker app, and customizable with a single config file. Quick and simple to implement as a primary search engine replacement on both desktop and mobile.

[Question] about NAS operating system
I bought a 2 bay NAS and I plan to flash it with the TrueNAS operating system. As I was reading the installation instructions I came across a section that said one of the 2 drives will have to contain the boot/UEFI partition, and can therefore be used for nothing else. Am I reading this correctly? I have 2 4TB HDDs that I plan on using in both bays and I'll have to use the entirety of one of those bays just to hold a small boot partition and nothing else? There are also 4 slots available for M.2 NVMe SSDs so I'm looking at using a small SSD for my boot partition there if this is true. My apologies if this is a dumb question as I'm kind of new to this stuff.

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Lenpaste v1.2 is out. Lenpaste source code and installation guide: Installation on a Raspberry PI is supported. # UI: History tab History is not transferred to a server, but is stored locally in your browser. ![]( # UI: Copy to clipboard button ![]( # For instance administrators - Rate-limits on paste creation (env: `LENPASTE_NEW_PASTES_PER_5MIN`). - Add default paste life time for WEB interface (env: `LENPASTE_UI_DEFAULT_LIFETIME`). - Add terms of use support (file: `/data/terms`). - Private servers - password request to create paste (file: `/data/lenpasswd`). # Fixes - Fixed a security bug that could cause an attacker to overflow the disk. - Fixed not saving settings in some browsers. - The interface now displays the full name of the language instead of its code. - Fixed compatibility with WebKit browsers (for example: Gnome WEB). # List of public Lenpaste server You can find a list of public servers or add your own public server at ![]( PS: I will be glad to receive constructive criticism and suggestions.

Questions about Jellyfin
I remember reading a post about someone setting up Jellyfin and some other software and essentially just waiting around a few days after shows come out and they end up being available in their media library. Like, some kind of pirating software that just grabs the right media. Is this a thing or am I misremembering?

How have you optimized your Pi-hole?
A few months ago I set up a Pi-hole at home. I tried to create a decent blacklist by first adding some regexes I found online and then doing some manual optimization by finding ads and blocking the ad requester through the queries page. But in the end it did not work so well. I still get a lot of YouTube ads, for example. So I still rely on uBlock for my ad-blocking. I just read that Chrome is planning to start weakening ad blocker plugins. I use Firefox, but it is still worrying that the space could potentially keep moving in this direction over time. So I am now more invested in learning how to have more control over my ad-blocking. Has any of you managed to optimize your Pi-hole to the point that it is possible to browse the internet without an ad-blocker? If so, how did you do it? Are there other good ad-blocking alternatives?

Hi all. I've recently started using IRC to chat with contributors of large open source projects (e.g. Gnome). So I need a service that can store my pasts. So then `` didn't work for me and I couldn't find any good analogues so I developed my own "pastebin". - Source code: (License: AGPL3, Language: Go) - My instance: PS: If you don't mind telling me what you're missing in Lenpaste. **EDIT** DB Tech, made a video about Lenpaste v1.1. Here is the link:

Seafile or other alternative to Nextcloud
cross-posted from: > Is Seafile any good? It's similar to nextcloud, but apparently faster etc. > > > > > > Mobile apps both have pretty bad ratings on the app stores. > > What would you host for yourself, friends and family, basic dropbox functionality is all I need. > > I have hosted Nextcloud in the past but it's a huge program with way too many tools, apps and a complicated way to update, the end result is often a slow and not very comfortable way to use the aforementioned basic dropbox functionality.

They seem redundant, selfhost seems to have a couple of rules, but they pretty much do the same thing, right? I would prefer if they would be merged, it's confusing and annoying to figure out which of both is bigger, since that's all that matters. Also naming is nearly the same. I just can't see a difference.

[Question] VMs and VM management for your home
cross-posted from: > What do you use, prefer? > > I have mostly used KVM with qemu, but I want to try out other things. I have heard of proxmox and all kinds of cool management things, what's a solid setup that supports easy backups and such things? > > KVM and qemu is solid and pretty easy to understand. Basic control of the VMs can be done with virt-manager, which is a basic but solid tool. I posted this to but got no replies.

[Question] VMWare vs vStack cloud server
I am currently running my instance using a VMWare cloud server with the following specs: 1 GB RAM / 1 Core / 30 GB SSD / 10 Mbps This costs 13.94 €/month. Using the same provider (, I can rent a vStack cloud server with: 1 GB RAM / 1 Core / 30 GB SSD / 50 Mbps For 4.55 €/month. I am using the more expensive option because this is my first self-hosted project and I did not realize the cheaper option was available when I originally set up the server. As I currently understand it, renting a VMWare is renting a physical machine, and renting a vStack is renting one of many virtual machines installed within a physical machine. Is this correct? And, are there any practical reasons not to "downgrade" to a vStack? When should someone choose a VMWare over a vStack?

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