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In my opinion, a flawed democracy is still a better system for its people than no democracy at all. If you can’t even share a contrarian opinion without being silenced, how can you hope to change anything? In Russia I wouldn’t even be allowed to be having this debate with you right now.

You just made an open, clear admission you do not understand what democracy or dissent or Russia is.

Democracy is a process, not a governance system. From what I have seen, it does not exist in right wing style systems, and exists best in a socialist system. Why can I say this? Because India has had a 130 year old liberal left party Congress, which has now become entirely irrelevant due to Hindutva fascist party BJP’s rise since 2014. A party that old, irrelevant with 7-8 years of doings. Liberalism lacks safeguards to protect democracy.

The fact that Russia’s ruble did not become a meme and has become stable within just 1 month of chaos, tells you that something in their system works. Maybe they are using nationalism with actual moral integrity and not how fascists use nationalism, I guess? China is XYZ buzzword in Western media, but the fact that their government works for their people and listens to their people more than anything that happens in India or USA, colossal “democracies”, tells the democracy is clearly a process that is supposed to be followed, and not a label or a system.

In short, democracy can be adopted and used both in socialist and liberal/centrist governance systems, since it is a feedback loop process involving citizens.

I care about “the self” and well-being more than lofty ideals for the most part,

Yeah, that is how not a democracy or collective wellbeing works.

I’m not entirely familiar on the Indian democracy, but it has come to my attention recently that it has been veering away from democracy in the latest years (to be fair, like nearly every country, we’re facing an authoritarianism epidemic due to democratic backsliding, the first of this century). That is not a symptom of democracy in and of itself but of a “disease” afflicting democratic countries all around the globe.

Overton window shifting to the right, you mean? It is a political science 101 concept, and what is happening would be very dishonest if explained by merely Overton window shift. It disregards the centuries of Western imperialist dictatorship and makes one think the world has been a neutral, happy place for centuries, which cannot be any further from the truth. It also disregards the morality of involved entities, and simplifies everything into “liberal good far rightie bad” utter brainrot.

Any party which poses a significant threat is immediately and aggressively silenced.

Do you think that party in power changing every few years and the whole democracy theater is a necessity for progress, just because a country must look good in media at all costs? What a lot of you have fallen for is called democracy theater, a concept quite foreign to people who think democracy with lack of safeguards and lots of lobbying is a great system and actually allows citizens to change anything.

I should add that I am from the world’s largest democracy, India. And it has gotten fairly corrupted, like literally every democracy on earth, to the point many “non democratic” countries look saner. Democracy label on paper and in media is not enough.

Go watch Century of The Self by Adam Curtis. 4 hours long, and it will teach you a lot of lessons for life.

Who is currently torturing and castrating POWs?

I can’t speak for what is happening during the war

If I told you that on record, Ukraine’s Head of military medical services said it on Ukraine 24, national TV channel? Is it unverifiable information, from the horse’s mouth?

Actual shooting happening, verified and deanonymised footage.

WARNING GORE NSFW https://t.me/rustroyka1945/595 and https://t.me/rustroyka1945/597

I think I already addressed the % of Nazis point. To add a little more, see what Patrick Lancaster showed in this video. It has gotten around quite a bit on the internet, WARNING GORE NSFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LQSYmda0Sc (Age restricted, need a YouTube account to watch it.)


Not true when it comes to today’s Russia, unfortunately. Today’s Russia is an oligarchy, heavily dependent on natural resources such as oil and with little development in the way of tech and society

And calling Russia an oligarchy is a meme created by dishonest supporters of Ukraine’s oligarchy and Western oligarchic dictatorships that pretend they fight for democracy. Did Putin ban all his opposition parties like Zelensky did recently? Who is currently torturing and castrating POWs?

Plus, fascist forces represent just 10% of Ukraine’s army and 2% of political representation,

Want to know how much % of SS Waffen was in Nazi Germany army?

Russia, despite not being ideally socialist, pretty much has been the supporter and enforcer of socialism throughout world history. Socialism is not just when equal treatment of society, but also when revolution against fascist forces.

Calling Putin a tyrannical and all other liberal buzzwords only conveniently applies when he is standing against Anglosphere hegemonic global dictatorship.

Some proof. https://t.me/mangopress/3445

I love the instant downvote, less than a minute.


Edit: liberal and fascist brigade has come with the downvotes again

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