I was looking at VPS providers in China and found that Tencent Cloud gives the option to rent a server WAY cheaper than usual with the condition that they can take it away (deactivate it) if they need the resources you are occupying. I thought that it could be used for a fairly decent and cheap Minecraft server, so here I am. ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ When joining the server your public IP will appear on the server's console (visible to me)! If you are not comfortable with that, don't worry, it's understandable. --- Note: Type '/register [PASSWORD]' to register when in-game. Don't use a password you also use somewhere else, I'm unsure how safe the plugin is. IP: It's Vanilla 1.19.4 Of course, online-mode is off! 🏴‍☠️ I installed some quality of life plugins: - NexAuth: A login plugin, so people don't just enter the server with your username and empty your inventory into lava. - ImageMap: Just type /im [image url from the internet] and you will receive a map with the image on it. Put it on an item frame! Server info: - Location is Frankfurt. - Provider is Tencent Cloud. - 2 Cores 4 GB Ram.

What video games from the list video do you want? Give your thoughts below. (There's also Diablo 4 now, apparently...)

Malenia, Blade of Miquella
Any has experience fighting this boss in Elden Ring? Thoughts on the fight?

Is there "A Mod of Ice and Fire" for this yet?

Anyone here have the game yet?

Has anyone here played Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic?
Probably one of the most complex builder games out there

it's available on Xbox and I kinda want to play it. The only strategic games I played were red alert ann civilization 5-6. I think I might enjoy it but I'm gonna ask here if any of you recommend it.

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Bloodborne music from 8 years ago
Is this in the final version of the game? I'm still going through it and just started.

What do you think of this? And do you expect Zeld: TOTK to be GOTY? Also: Video is: 1:02 (In case you want to know the time.)

I'm playing the first game right now. Thoughts? Impressions?

I heard the first game was a masterpiece. Is that true?

Here's the [trailer]( Here's Zeltik's [analysis]( of the trailer. What are your thoughts on *The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom* trailer? What do you hope to see from the game? Give your comments below.

Celebrates Japanese culture, apparently. Thoughts? Concerns? First impressions?

Has anyone else played the previous games? Check it out.

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