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wow!!! that’s super cool! I mean, I didn’t know about these features. You seem to be getting a good deal out of vivaldi

I use firefox because I feel like it’s one of the best browsers out there. Brave is close second. Brave although doesn’t have enough freedom while switching from one brave browser to another. I mean, firefox allows you to sync your data online (I trust mozilla, so this ain’t a problem), but Brave always has been bad in this regard.

Also, I like the fact that firefox is not chrome and idk, I just like the look and feel of firefox

I found vivaldi to have too many things packed into it’s face

undefined> Your configuration is written in code, it is therefore persistent. Do you know that annoying feeling of “oh shit, how did I configure x program that I want to install on this other machine”? Never again.

This is sick! thank you!

really sorry, I don’t understand the point of this app. I mean, KDE connect works well, so why change?

Are you talking about a situation where it’s not possible to install those Qt or KDE dependencies (then it might be useful to me)

Thank you for your output either way!

@eshep@social.trom.tf @normalmode@mastodon.social Thanks guys, I will be trying to learn Bash soon, I am gonna install tmux. As for vim, obv, I have it installed :')

I didn’t know about tmux. I haven’t heard much about it. What’s it’s purpose and what use would it have for a general user?

What’s that one feature you liked so much while distrohopping that you want it by default in all distros?
I have always been discovering new things about Linux distros while distro hopping. And when I get something I really like, I just copy the package name and make sure I install it in every distro I use in the future. Let me start: 1. Clipboard manager (Gpaste) 2. KDE connect

here, take my downvote


Good links. Ahh… It will require time for me to go through them, but I will go through them and out of respect for the comment, I have edited the post.


ahh… maybe, don’t try again. install a new distro :)

That’s what she said?

If this isn’t funny, you are imagining this post

Damn! I just discovered Pixelfed, it’s amazing! I came to know about it thanks to your comment!

I didn’t post a shit meme. Maybe a socialist/communist like you would think so. If I want to go on an infinite diet or want to go indefinite camping, I will call you. Until I change my mind about work camps and famine, I don’t think I have any use for you. Maybe If I had posted praising Stalin the dictator, you would have been happier.

I am not arguing. It’s just a meme. Also, when a random person sends a document on a social media, my default reaction isn’t to read it. Look at yourself tho, you are not ready to put in the effort required to make your point. You are not ready to write a paragraph describing your point or how you disagree with me. Why should I be ready to read a whole document from 90s for you? If you had written some 3 sentences and told me, “if you don’t believe this, read this report from the CIA” that would have been something.

You have not put in the effort required in good faith to change one’s mind, instead you took one min of your life to search for the document which you know existed. You don’t get to talk to me about arguing in bad faith(also, I was not arguing).

I can read a book. But not some boring CIA document which has been scanned.

bro! 23 pages? make your point

damn! new notification system in lemmy ig! it’s damn good.

I mean, it’s fast, as soon as I clicked on your reply, within a milli second I was here! this was better than reddit

ahh… it’s funny because it’s true. not cringe.

he is motivating me to lose weight
her: awaken the tiger inside of you the tiger inside of me: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/4b8925d5-4921-4bea-826a-d11f86bfbb78.png)

historically accurate

it turns out killing old people is very productive

If that isn’t a Porche, nothing is…

I am saying, you don’t have a right to another man’s property even if you are starving. Private entities have no responsibility to distribute food material to you and you are not entitled to it. However, I am ok with government helping people who are homeless, I am ok and indeed support food kitchens.


And communism is bad for yours.


Or maybe, maybe, OP might be a cuban who has seen socialism way too close

Uglies of the world, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

The entitlement in this post.

It’s not funny because it’s not true. We can think different and we can speak different. We still have the freedom to do that, it’s not taken from us, yet.


Not right wing. Both y’all are seriously fucked

Idk in BLM riots when they set the country on fire and burned Businesses?

Damn whats grandpa dng her?

The word you are looking for is RIOT (where innocent get slaughtered).

we might have to create an asklemmy(notcommunist) forum. Also, I too am interested in Science and FOSS stuff but I don’t think lemmy is a very good community for science enthusiasts.

I think the ones which allow hate speech become platforms exclusively for hate speech as they people who have been banned from almost every platform go there and ruin it.

I just had to register just to leave a cocmment.

hey guys, is there a bot to find duplicates on Memes?

The only reason the English invaded India was because their food sucked.

“Don’t, Don’t give me hope”

Its quite hilarious when I see youtube ads promoting brave, why is YouTube funding its own demise lol

What do you mean when it was sane?

Lemmy is not ideologically diverse. Thoughts?
edit: having a community dedicated to letists only can be a bad idea in that it can make sure your beliefs are not questioned. I have thought myself as a socialist and I have thought myself as a anarcho-capitalist, I don’t believe in either anymore. I think if radical views go unchecked they might cause problems. Although I am a capitalist now, being confronted by socialists has made me aware of capitalisms deep flaws. When I considered myself a communist (17 year old me) I thought opposing views really changed my mind. So that's the ideologically diversity I am talking about. I love the outlook of lemmy, I think the design is decent and simplistic. But one thing I can't seem to get over is the fact that almost everyone here seem to think the same politically. Why do you guys think this is?? I know this is a community of leftists foss enthusiasts but I hope everyone here is aware that it is driving many people away from adapting it.

Sorry for my inarticulate gibbergabber. I wanted photos to appear bigger by default. Unfortunately I don't know how and even if it is possible. I don't want to be single tapping every damn image for it to be of redable size. How can I change this?~___~

Why is Marxism still a thing?
I was wondering why Marxism was still a thing and this placed seemed to be filled with Marxists. So, why? Didn't the fall of USSR teach us anything? Do today's Marxists think that USSR did something wrong? In other words, will they do anything different than the dictators of the soviet union? Also, some here seem to admire Stalin. I would really have to try hard to find a community that would admire Hitler but apparently admiring Stalin, another mass murder seems to be perfectly fine!

What can I do to help Lemmy?
On what ideals were Lemmy created? I am asking it because I am considering supporting Lemmy any way I can but I won't if the ideals of it's creators are anything but upholding free speech. I want to know more about this website, can someone refer me to a book or a video which might encapsulate it? What I mean by free speech: There is no justification to censor any views unless those views are directly demanding for physical violence against a person or community. Direct physical violence of course doesn’t include offensive speech against any religion (be it Islam, Hinduism or Christianity) or against any ideology or any "protected groups".

Will Lemmy ever replace Reddit?
I was wondering what the point of lemmy was, if we can't get a certain number of people, we won't be able to thrive as a community and I don't see lots of people joining even though it is an open-source and decentralised forum unlike reddit. There are many obvious things lemmy could do better, should I make a report about it? I think we are lagging behind and not doing things which are obvious. A better GUI for mobile website would be one of the top suggestions I have. thoughs?