Welcome to June 2022, TILvids community! Let’s take a look at what was happening at TILvids over the last month:

  • After a couple of exciting months in server-admin-land, happy to have a relatively quiet month in May. Due to the upgrades and expansions made possible, I’ve been able to get back to pulling in content from creators that don’t post themselves, but give us permission to re-post for them on TILvids. Hoping to keep that up a bit, to continue introducing great new content and creators to our community!

  • Big thanks to new TILvids patrons Separate Realities and Escovan! Donations from our patrons go directly to supporting and expanding our server, which lets us continue to add more creators and content to our community. If you’d like to donate to TILvids, check out our Patreon!

  • I had a request to track some of the site stats. As of June 1st, 2022, we currently have 111,552 video views, 1,674 users, and 207GB of local videos.

Here are a few thoughts for July:

  • I mentioned last month that with the migration of the site to a new host, we have seen some slowdowns for users in the western-hemisphere, and I was hoping to construct a pseudo-CDN by spinning up a mirror server in the western-hemisphere. Still no progress there, but would like to look into it when I get some time.

  • Please keep spreading the word about TILvids, especially to your favorite edutainment content creators! We are fortunate enough now to have a decently-sized community, which begins to start to be attractive to creators. This is such a far cry from where things started out almost two years ago. I can’t say enough how much respect I have for our community, and how exciting it has been to watch it grow and develop! I’ve learned so much from all of this, and count TILvids as one of my joys in life.

I think that’s it for now! Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to watch, comment, share, and support the TILvids community! ❤️

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Welcome to TILvids

TILvids is a video community focused on edutainment content. The goal is to deliver interesting videos that you might not otherwise see. Some other important information:

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