Reddit mods are organizing blackouts to protest against API changes
Some of the planned blackouts will be temporary, others plan to shut their subreddits down indefinitely in protest.

What’s in your homelab? (June 2023)
cross-posted from: > Figured we'd start this community off with a question about what you're running in your homelab! > > This could be anything from hardware to software to things your running in the cloud (#cloudlab). > > Hardware and diagram pics are always welcome!

What are you looking forward to at Apple’s WWDC keynote?
I'm not really an Apple product person, but I still like watching their presentations to see what sort of new stuff is coming up. I think the most anticipated thing this year is their mixed reality headset, I'm interested to see if it'll really be as expensive as insiders have been predicting.

The /r/videos mods are going all out and someone made this lovely graphic to explain why subs are going dark next week. While I’d love to have my users on Lemmy, I also hope that this actually does something for Reddit and they reverse course on their planed changes.

Any of y’all have a NAS? What’s your setup?
Curious what you've got installed on it. What do you use a lot but took awhile to find? What do you recommend?

Well, neeva is now gone
I was just getting interested in Neeva as a paid search engine with some cool AI tools where you're not an advertising target because you pay. This explains the sudden refund from Neeva - they apparently got bought out and are no longer being a search engine. I don't really know what to make of it all. I suppose it makes my decision between it and Kagi easier - I don't really have a choice. Kagi is a lot more expensive, but I get work to pay for it. Though that does make it harder to potentially recommend to other people I know. Not that I ever thought paid search would massively take off, but unlike many tasks, search can be centralized enough on a per user basis that something other than ads is worth exploring.

While modern social networks burn, The WELL endures
cross-posted from: > Well, this is an interesting example of a pay for social network that apparently has existed since 1985. 2,700 members is not that big a site in the modern internet. So if you don't want to become a unicorn company or have wide appeal / access, it seems like it does work as a business model? > > I'm vaguely intrigued but I don't really want to put down $15 sight unseen for a month to see if the forums are even interesting. Then again, I can't imagine they get bots at that price either. Probably very limited ads if any. > > I am always excited by alternate operating plans for social media online - this one is kind of the opposite of Lemmy, but also the opposite of the major players. I guess orthogonal in reality. > > BTW / OT: How do you crosspost on Lemmy?

Stack Overflow mods go on strike
and as always, the culprit is ChatGPT. Stack Overflow Inc. won't let their mods take down AI-generated content

Blatant tech frauds run amok on the biggest online marketplaces [Fake storage devices]
Can't believe these scams with fake SSDs and USB drives is still a thing. The less technically inclined are vulnerable to these, yet marketplaces are resistant to removing the listings.

# What is a BBS? *A bulletin board system (BBS), also called a computer bulletin board service (CBBS), is a computer server running software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, the user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users through public message boards and sometimes via direct chatting. In the early 1980s, message networks such as FidoNet were developed to provide services such as NetMail, which is similar to internet-based email.* Back in the early 90s I was turned on to the PC MS-DOS community. It was a fun time of WordPerfect 5.0, Lotus 1-2-3 and *some* text and light graphical games that came around the way... Tapper, Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 and other worthy softwarez; but things got real when I learned that you could dial-up to other computers, and bulletin board systems, to reach a world beyond your monitor. In the United States, and many other countries as I've come to learn, you could find [amost] hundreds of BBSes in every area code! There were plenty of public domain [shareware] boards, but the elite user could find systems dedicated to more seedy topics... HPAVC [Hacking, phreaking, anarchy, virus, cracking], warez [pirate software], the art and dem0scenes... you could literally find anything you sought out. As time went on, BBSes would get their own type of message networking; FidoNet FTNs and begin to connect in ways that weren't originally possible. At the end of BBSes, many of them turned into early ISPs in the cities they operated in, as the sysOps already had a lot of the hardware that was needed - and many sysOps would earn a very good living serving up the bytes of data that their users lusted... # Sounds boring... I can only take **so many** Lemmy messages... **Door Games** were a huge part of BBSing. Door Games were brought to life with the ANSi graphics that BBSes used - while they weren't fully graphical, they were exciting and *multi-player*... something that you *couldn't* get on PCs of the day. Popular Door Games were Tradewars 2002, Legend of the Red Dragon [LoRD], Barren Realms Elite, The Pit, Arrowbridge, DrugWars, Operation Overkill II and many m0re. For the time, they were literally worlds beyond what you could find on early 8088 machines... and continued to be very popular even as graphics won over w/ the likes of the shareware kings. The reason? Multi-player games; there are many servers and BBSes that still get users lining up to play - in 2o23! # Phone lines are dead, how do we connect?! After copper wires telephone lines went the way of the dodo, and TCP/IP took over the interwebs, the BBSes of the day mostly went offline... but it would prove short-lived, as we soon learned how to connect the old BBS software up to TELNET and SSH - allowing them to be hosted *on* the web; no m0re phone bills to get you grounded!! All you need to connect today is an ANSi-capable terminal software. (Or, PETSCII for Commdore BBSes, AmigaFonts for Amiga boards or Atari support for Atari bbSes...) There are a few of these that are developed for current machines: [Syncterm]( - Syncterm is the 'best', as it has ANSi, PETSCII, C=, Amiga, Atari, RIP and SIXEL support. [Netrunner]( - Netrunner is a GREAT ANSI/Amiga terminal [About 80% of all BBSes] as it has anti-aliasing and the fonts look smooth and crisp. [MagiTERM]( - A decent terminal, developed by APAM.. a BBS user that also develops door games and even BBS software... The easiest, if you run Linux or Windows, is Netrunner... SyncTERM is a binary download for Windows and MacOS, but will require a compile on Linux... don't worry, tho - MeaTLoTioN of The Quantum Wormhole BBS has an awesome [how-to/script]( that you can follow to compile it with ease! - You can also connect using [MS-DOS](, or other, software on real hardware... there are many [Wifi Modem's]( to choose from, but I'll make you hunt for Telix or Terminate 5.0 on your own time...) # They're all stupid stock boards - wheres the beef!? Many new BBS users peruse [The Telnet BBS Guide]( and are first surprised at how many BBSes are available to connect to... only to quickly find out that the majority of listed boards are stock setups without much substance or community... but I'm here to tell you that you just have to turn the r0cks and find the great BBSes out there; or, just connect to these: **2o fOr beeRS** - This is actually my bbS!! We get about 30 callers a day, have all the popular FidoNet-FTNs and over 800 users... come on by, 2oFB is a wild one. MORE Social, less Media. TELNET :1338 SSH **aBSINTHE** - Ran by the sysOp aNACHRONiST - he's also a great [ASCII artist]( and aBSINTHE is literally my favorite BBS of all time. It's an Amiga joint, ran on CNet BBS software. Skyraiders is a door game that he's developed from scratch and is one of the very best doors I've ever played... you aren't BBSing if yer not here! TELNET **The Quantum Wormhole** - Another mainstay of BBSes and home to MeaTLoTioN, the writer of that Syncterm script from above... its just a damn good BBS; clean, safe and solid. Some SIXEL graphics support if you look around... TELNET **Wizards Rainbow** - Can you believe this one?! Shooter Jennings, yea THAT Shooter Jennings, is the sysOp! Furthermore, he writes custom Door Games and just introduced a new one called *Phantasie Plaza*! Its a LoRD-type RPG and is looking really nice. He also wrote a few other Doors; 1NS0MNIA - and hosts a Door Game Server that *any* sysOp can connect their BBS to... rock and roll w/ Shooter @ the rainbow... wizardsrainbow:23 TELNET **Dura-Europos** - This one runs on an old Apple IIe BBS software - and is literally still hosted from Apple IIe hardware running at 9600 baud! Skip, the sysOp, does amazing things w/ that Apple... including a lot of Syncterm font switching and graphic wizardry - this one doesn't have all the flashing lights and pizazz as some other boards, but when you see what he does with rudementary hardware - its amazing! TELNET **SLACKERS BBS** - The bad boys of BBSing... the assholes... the haters - and a damn solid BBS, too. (The sysOp, GnGRDR3DMan, doesn't even care to pay for a domain.... gangster!) TELNET **Black Flag** - Hawk, the sysOp, never left BBSing... he is one of the original pirates, the original r0ckstars - and his *family of BBSes* are many. I'll only link to the main one, but it features RIP graphics if you wanna experience that - RIP never really caught on, but Hawk don't care!! (You can find 5+ other Black Flag boards if you l00k for them...) TELNET **Frozen Floppy** - This is a Commodore 64 BBS; you'll have to have Syncterm, and you'll have to select C64 or C128 as the 'screen mode'. You'll be amazed at the 40-column PETSCII graphics, and the fact that C= users are still kickin... the art here is top notch, too... C= heaven. TELNET # Do I really wanna spend time on this sh*t?! You do. You'll be amazed by the community of BBSing in 2o23 - I know this, because you're here... sysOps of BBSes are also OSS, privacy minded, federation, technology and Linux users! While very different from the Twitters or Facebooks of social media, BBSes offer something you can't get on that shiny iPhone - community. I hope to catch you @ 2oFB, or on one of the many other BBSes *still running today*. GET S0ME! If you have any questions about bulletin boards, please feel free to email me @ 2oFB or reply here; there's always someone willing to help, whether you want to become a user, a door game player or even a sysOp... you'll find it all on a BBS near, or far, from you! - pAULIE42o - . . . . . . . . . . . - /s

Via the [Accessibility Matters]( newsletter: >[Game streamer Lance Carr](, who goes by the name GimpyG and whose rare form of muscular dystrophy has left him unable to use his hands, was in the middle of streaming a Hearthstone session when a fire started in his garage. He was able to vacate before it spread to the rest of his home, but unfortunately, the gear that let him enjoy his favorite pastime — his head-tracking mouse and gaming PC — had to remain behind and was destroyed. > >Replacing this stuff isn’t cheap. Head-tracking mouse gear can cost multiple hundreds of dollars, and that’s to say nothing of his gaming setup. Google’s new software aims to remove one of those costly barriers. > >The company says it worked with Carr to design a piece of software that would allow anyone with a webcam to control their computer with head movement and gestures, all translated to the screen by the Windows-only software. [Project Gameface on GitHub](

What are your opinions on nostr?
It seems like an actually good alternative to activitypub. What are your thoughts?

RedHat dropping support for LibreOffice
I get that LibreOffice isn't really needed on a server or Windows based enterprise; but i take it as this means RHEL is going to remove these packages from official repositories. Does this mean LibreOffice won't have RH as a supporter and maintainer?

US authorities charge Amazon with violating children’s privacy law by undermining parents’ deletion requests
The Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice will require Amazon to overhaul its deletion practices and implement stringent privacy safeguards to settle charges the company violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule (COPPA Rule).

What do you think of foldable phones?
Seems like foldable phones are taking over (e.g. [Motorola Razr making waves]( and only Apple is missing an entry in this form factor now. Almost everyone who can afford one swears by it with the exception of weak build quality. What do you think? Anyone has one? Personally, I'm betting on rolling screens (like [Oppo X 2021]( which seems like the most convenient take.

There's some other RPi alternatives out there with less supply issues, but it seems like those have less community support and nearly no vendor support, especially with binary blobs. I'm looking forward to RPis being more available again.

Open Source Low Tech develops cheap, easy to build, and open source infrastructure solutions
" My name is Daniel Connell. I prototype and develop basic technologies which anyone can make using recycled materials and simple tools. The aim is for everyone everywhere to be able to build and maintain their own infrastructure; producing their own energy, food, clean water, communications, and anything else they need."

Is anyone else excited to see Apple's annoucements at WWDC this year? I'm not sure why there is so much hype on an AR/VR experience. They've always seemed like a bit of a gimmic to me, as they don't seem good for productivity, and gaming in VR sounds like it would give me a massive headache/seasickeness.

Yes, there is quite a debate raging across different networks about what protocol to support. Obviously, those who know only one well, are going to root for that one, irrespective of whether it may be the best one. From a dev perspective, where do you throw your efforts in from a perspective of the future growth of the protocol, and how flexible and free is that protocol going to be to new ideas and advancements. The “best” protocol also does not necessarily mean it will be the most successful, or the most adopted one, as we’ve seen all sorts of politics, misinformation, bad PR, etc play a role in the past (just see what happened to the Zot protocol which has nomadic ID). From a user perspective, what network do you join and put all your creativity efforts into? There is no easy answer, and some have even suggested, to get away from the entrenched positions, why not create a brand new protocol! But that has actually happened repeatedly already, and none ever took the “ring that would rule all rings”. Client apps like Hubzilla and Friendica, of course, took the approach rather to support multiple protocols so that your one app connects across different networks. Maybe there is still something in that idea. The Bluesky protocol may well be loosened up in future, and although ActivityPub is quite open (not owned by anyone), it is still actually quite limited in terms of not having profile migrations, groups, and other features. So yes, Nostr right now is probably the most open with devs registering NIPs (Nostr Implementation Possibilities), much like we also see with XMPP protocol’s XEPs. It all comes down then, to what NIPs a particular client supports. Personally, as a user, I still long for a fully interoperable protocol, one for instant messaging, as well as for social networking (or combined into one). Look at e-mail. It may be very dated, but it made no difference which service your joined (apart from the domain name you got) and it always connected to other e-mail clients, and it is not owned by any one company or central server. But whilst we have this situation, I’m wondering if we won’t see the emergence of some future “translation protocol” that will allow posts from XMPP to translate into ActivityPub, Bluesky, Nostr, etc, and go the other way too? I do think users, at least, are starting to accept the situation of social networks going decentralised and federated, and are realising it is not so complicated to grasp. We’ve been spoilt and brainwashed too long by strong authoritarian centralised network services. If we don’t demand more open and interoperable social networks now, we are doomed to repeat the lock-ins of Twitter, Facebook, etc all over again. Then our friends can be on any network, and we can still interact fully with each other, like we’ve been doing with e-mail. See

What a great use for ChatGPT — detoxifying the internet by turning clickbait headlines into straightforward headlines.

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