What do you game on?
What does your battlestation look like? PS4/5, XBox, PC or some oddball Chinese retro handheld?

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Tell us about unpopular games you love, or even just appreciate some aspects of, contrary to the inteenet hivemind?
And what specifically makes it special, appealing, or interesting to you?

Tabletop: world building, homebrew, and design
Just wondering if enough people are here for posts and discussion about what people are creating for their table top games. If you are and want to share a snippet about what you're working on, that would be great!

What are some of your favorite complex/complicated game?
Title. I like games that require a lot of work to get into. Here are some of my favorites: - Eve Online - Dwarf Fortress - Satisfactory

This is a really old build and paintjob. I want to make a new, much improved one someday. A long list of future projects.

Haha I'm totally not doing this just to find and play a great underrated indie game. ^^

This game is such a roller coaster of emotions. Some of the most beautiful imagery I've ever seen in a video game. Genuinely awesome soundtrack (both the licensed music and original material). There were moments when it was frustrating and boring, and the storytelling can sometimes be way to literal and explanation based. But I truly did love the story underneath, as it was one of hope and the importance of connection to get through rough times. Some subjects hit real close to home for me, and at times it can get quite depressing, but this strong sense of hope and helping each other is always there to lift you back up. Again, some game mechanics and cut scenes really didn't work for me, but other parts of the game will be forever in my mind. I'm rating it a 7.5<->10.5 out of 10. I've decided conventional scales don't cut it for games like this. I would love to know your opinions if you want to share them!

Anyone else here right into emulation/roms/CFW and retro handhelds? What’ve you got + what are you playing?

It is inspired by games such as Cube World, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft. You can play single player or multi-player, standalone or use an online server, or even host your own server in a Docker container, or on a Raspberry Pi. Plenty of options! You start by creating your character, you can collect items for your inventory, you can craft items, there are weapons and combat, you develop skills, can tame creatures, you can trade with merchants, you can socialise, and lost more. There is no single, specific goal or focus, and the idea is to keep exploring and have adventures. The game is community driven and actually updates quite regularly. It is clearly no clone of Minecraft. It is fun and adventure! See #technology #opensource #gaming #selfhosting #Veloren

New #Starfield themed #Xbox controller and wireless headset have leaked.
New [#Starfield]( themed [#Xbox]( controller and wireless headset have leaked. [\#Gaming]( [@gaming](
New #Starfield themed #Xbox controller and wireless headset have leaked.

I've been playing more and more magic recently, and have been even maintaining both a modern deck (izzet murktide sorry) and a pioneer deck (arclight Phoenix though it's not suuuuper strong rn) I don't really play commander because unfortunately none of my friends IRL actually play with me! Was just curious if anyone else had been doing anything in MTG recently, or had any thoughts on the new cards coming in the Lord of the Rings set. Personally, as someone who doesn't play commander, it doesn't seem super impactful on Modern, though I'm hardly an expert on card evaluation so maybe someone else could (though there's a counter on creatures with MV under 2 for just one blue so maybe that'll be worth picking up)

Is there an online game where…
You compete against other real players to take over the world? You're a country and have to deal with logistics, military command, etc. It's just a map and a bunch of info, no characters. Basically risk but more complicated. I feel like i've seen this but I can't for the life of me find it.

> "None of our first party games in the show are full CG trailers. Everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Each of our trailers will be labeled so it is hopefully clear for our fans."

SGDQ 2023 has just concluded raising more than $2,239,204 for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
The biannual [Games Done Quick]( speedrunning marathon has again raised millions for charity. The runs themselves on are slowly being uploaded on their [YouTube channel]( Awesome Games Done Quick 2024 (AGDQ24) will take place Jan 7th to Jan 14th and raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Recommendation for a racing game?
PlayStation player here. I remember enjoying Motorstorm Apocalypse, Split Second, and Blur. Burnout Paradise was great as well, and the Need For Speed games are hit-and-miss. I'm terrible at drifting (as a challenge or necessary) and prefer open world maps or interesting environments over traditional racetracks. Customizations and storylines are less important. I've done what I can with the latest Need For Speed (which was mostly okay) and Grid Legends (which was such a grind for trophies). I'd like to find another Motorstorm Apocalypse or Split Second. Should I be looking at the Kart-like games? Are there other recommendations, or has the industry moved on from these classics?

Could you recommend me a game?
What games would you guys recommend for a guy near 50, who doesn't have a gaming pc (my laptop is an i7, 16gb RAM and using onboard graphics) which tend to have an older community? I used to play RPG's and my least favorite games are those first person war games. Something that doesn't require synchronous gaming and doesn't have a lot of stress would be even nicer. Thanks for any input!

Not a very surrpising review, but I thought it was very funny

I created a Metal Gear trivia game for my friends with no knowledge of the series, and now I’m putting it online for other people to try
I originally tried posting this to /r/metalgearsolid weeks ago, but it got caught in spam so I'm trying again here! A couple months ago, I had the idea to create a Metal Gear trivia game for my friends who have no knowledge of Metal Gear. Why? I figured it would be funny to throw them in the deep end and teach them about cyborg ninjas and rollerskating bombers. We finally ran it a few days ago and it went surprisingly well. In case anyone thinks it sounds like fun and wants to run the game for their friends, I've uploaded the materials to There's a big long readme explaining details of the game and setup that I won't repeat here, but the gist is that teams get a 10 page packet of Metal Gear trivia and a presentation with questions that you need the packet to answer. (Most of) the questions are written to be answerable without any knowledge outside of the packet. Check the readme for way, way, way more details. I tried to make the game sort of complicated to mimic the series. The game involves answering questions, doing impressions of Snake, karaoke, and there's even a (very) small online component.

Classic Flash Games!
Because I have no life, I recreated the classic Funorb website by Jagex and filled it with Flash games. They're all playable in the browser, some even modified for a better experience. If you have any Flash games you want me to add to the website, let me know and I can do that! Otherwise, hope you find something you can enjoy for free - No downloads and no ads!

Can anyone recommend me good gaming news website?
I'm fully transitioning off the you-know-which website, and one of the reasons why I used it was for community-made gaming news. That will not be the case anymore. Anyone got any good website that distributes gaming news? I was recommended Blue's News, and it seems good enough.

I've been racing as Wario ever since MK64. I love being a powerhouse on the racetrack! In the original SNES Mario Kart, since I don't have Wario, Bowser is my backup. It's good to be **big** Who do you pick in Mario Kart when it's time to get down to business and dominate the track?

New masterpiece from creator eli_handle_b.wav. Check them out if you like the content.

Now that the power plant is up and running it's time to fully commit to Phase 4. Today I'm upgrading my Phase 3 factory to handle Phase 4. Since this is my 3rd factory I set the arbitrary goal that I want to complete the Phase 4 requirements every 4 hours. * 23 Assembly Directors/min * 17 Magnetic Field Generators/min * 4.2 Thermal Propulsion Rocket/min * 4.2 Pasta/min

There's some really interesting changes coming for 2e! Bards have full martial proficiency, clerics can f finally get heavy armor from within their class, wizard schools of magic are gone... Then of course the big named news, like the replacement of dragons with the magic traditions (arcane/nature/religion/occult), and the completed removal of alignment. Are other people as excited as I am?

Any Vermintide 2 players?
Hello! Just curious if there are any Vermintide 2 players here. Its my most played game of all time (probably) and I love chatting about it. Maybe if theres enough people we can form a play group or something?

Am I posting about my videos too much? Maybe it's time to make a factorio community or a let's play one?

what are you playing this week?
it's very much borrowed from one of the reddit subs i frequent(ed) often, but the idea is to share what we're playing weekly and hopefully create discussions around those games (or simply have a sort of "check-in").

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