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Field value is linked to the item’s Username or Password. Given the [right field name](, Linked custom fields can be used to solve issues where your Browser Extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site ([learn more](

- **Vault Timeout Policy:** The Vault Timeout policy will apply a maximum Vault timeout duration for all members of your Organization (see here for details). - **Disable Personal Vault Export Policy:** The Disable Personal Vault Export policy will prohibit non-Owner/non-Admin members of your Organization from exporting private Vault data (see here for details). - **Auto-scale Organization Seats:** Teams and Enterprise Organizations will automatically scale up user seats as new users are invited. Organizations can set a limit on scaling to prevent the seat count from exceeding a specified number (see here for details). - **Custom Role** - Improved Collection Permissions: Collection-management permissions for the Custom role have been expanded to include granular controls over whether the user can create, edit, or delete assigned or all Collections (see here for details). - **Admin Password Reset** - Update Password after Reset: Passwords reset by an Admin must now be updated by the user they belong to immediately when they log in to Bitwarden (see here for details). - **Browser Extension** - Autofill Span Elements: The Browser Extension can now auto-fill custom fields in the innerText of HTML <span> elements (see here for details). - **Browser Extension** - Automatic Biometrics Prompt: The Browser Extension can now automatically prompt for your biometric input when opened. You can toggle this behavior from the Settings menu (see here for details). - **Web Vault - Dark Mode:** The Web Vault now has dark mode (see here for details)! - **CLI - generate Passphrase Options:** The bw generate --passphrase command now includes the options --capitalize and --includeNumber (see here for details).


Bitwarden - The unofficial Bitwarden community
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    Bitwarden - Open source password manager

    Bitwarden is an open source password management platform for individuals, teams, and business organizations.

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