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As I understand it, Brave bought Cliqz which had their own existing index, and this is what Brave uses as a starting point for its search engine.

The problem is that I’m a little suspicious about how they’re continuing to update their results, as they’ve been really opaque about this. I can’t find anyone online who’s said anything about encountering Brave’s crawler in their access logs, and in all of Brave Search’s documentation they never once claim to have a crawler, just an index. I’m not saying they’re stealing results from another search engine, but they could be buying updates to their index from another crawler? Honestly I’d just like them to be more transparent.

I’m trying to get away from any search engine that relies Bing or Google’s index. I’ve tried to like Mojeek but unfortunately the results are terrible. I really like Gigablast’s results and have probably been using it the most, but the UI is pretty bad. Petal and Yandex have not-great privacy policies but US sanctions on China and Russia make it unlikely they’ll be cooperating with US-based intelligence/corporations. I actually really like Petal’s results and UI.

If you’re interested in the concept behind Tox, I’d recommend taking a look at Jami. Tox’s development has been sporadic at best and I wouldn’t trust it to be a viable solution long-term. Jami runs with the same concept but has multi-device support and is backed by/part of the GNU project so it probably has more staying power. That being said, it’s still (like Tox) not very user friendly at this point.

Depending on the Android version you have you can specify your own DNS-over-TLS hostname in the Private DNS settings.

The only people I know who regularly use wireless charging have broken ports that make it their only option.

I forgot that one of my TVs is a 3D TV until reading your comment. I remember it came with “Shrek: The Complete Collection” in 3D. I don’t even know if the shutter glasses it came with are still around.

Stationary heights are the death of me. I’ve been skydiving and ride rollercoasters regularly, but catch me freaking out on the roof of a building or waiting in line for a water slide.

Something touching the tip of my nose. Just the idea of someone slowing bringing their fingertip closer to the tip of my nose is enough to trigger my fight or flight.

People intuitively understand you when you say you try to go to locally-owned co-ops/farmers markets instead of Walmart when you can, right? Or that you prefer to avoid Amazon and support your local independent bookshop, right? It’s actually cool to care about these things, people respect you when you make little rebellious political decisions.

My advice is frame your decisions about what apps to use the same way. “I try not to use the big corporate-owned apps when there are smaller non-profit alternatives run by communities of normal people.” Now you’re not some paranoid weirdo who’s afraid the NSA is out to get him, you’re just socially-conscious and care about things like where your time and money is going. I almost never try to explain what “open source” is or anything like that.

A girl on a first date once asked me what messaging apps I used and I said something like “My friends and I have been using this smaller non-profit app, it has all the same features as Messenger but without all the Zuckerberg bullshit.” and she downloaded it right then and there, thought it was cool.