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A made a review of the three mobile network here in the UK and gave some of my thoughts on the network's coverage, customer service, benefits and pricing.

Nice to hear another German state is trying open source software.

Okay but how do you feel I could improve it then?

Wow finally! Well I am not even on there anymore but I guess this new update is good for creators.

Delta Chat is really cool. I love how it takes the universal standard of email and allows you to use it for short form messages. Although, I haven’t really used Delta recently.

Although, LG stopped making phones so you will have to buy a used one.

Matrix does have some metadata problems (not hating on Matrix though)

Cool although I haven’t been on Matrix in a while. I am probably going to start using it more soon though.

I don’t think that many people will

I did forget to mention that Brave are now doing Brave search so that could be interesting to see where that goes.

Bing often removes websites from their index but this does seem very weird. I don’t know why Bing would remove a privacy blog from their search results but this also shows how so many search engines are dependent on Bing or Google for results. The only search engine which isn’t dependent on Bing or Google right now seems to be Mojeek and Metager (Searx is just a meta-search engine). Mojeek is probably the most promising but right now it’s results aren’t the best but the results have been getting better. But I do wish that DuckDuckGo indexed search results themselves so they don’t have to deal with Microsoft’s decisions (also being reliant on big tech to start with isn’t a good thing for a independent privacy-focused search engine.

It is also on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@sandrolinux:4/Google-To-Switch-Workspace-Hangouts-Users-To-Google-Chat-In-March:b

It is also on Odysee/LBRY: https://odysee.com/@sandrolinux:4/Nokia-N8-Review-2022:9

You can also watch on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@sandrolinux:4/Apple-reportedly-increasing-OLED-suppliers-with-BOE-being-a-main-contender:8

Nice to see some helpful updates to onlyoffice :) and it is also cool to see that you can now connect kDrive

The EU Wants Its Own DNS Resolver that Can Block ‘Unlawful’ Traffic * TorrentFreak
This sounds like a horrible idea. Personally I think people can configure their own dns servers and don't need this new DNS resolver just to scan all their activity.

GNOME 42 Desktop Environment Is Now Available for Public Testing - 9to5Linux
Cool to see a new version of Gnome in the works! Although the updates don't seem too big.

Crypto.com Suspends Withdrawals After ‘Unauthorized Activity’
Crypto.com Suspends Withdrawals After ‘Unauthorized Activity’

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/123261 > [It seems they're going to be moving their official Linux packages over to Flatpak rather than a PPA for Ubuntu.](https://twitter.com/dodgepong/status/1471530058896625671) >

Yeah I have been trying duckduckgo app tracking protection on android

Yes but it is because here is a safe space where you can share your ideas no matter what they are True but “politically radical” people are allowed on some instances

Maybe time to hit that buy button if you want a series x

Going to start posting here again
Sorry for not posting at all I am back!

Doesn't seem to be a good time to be a facebook user (glad I use none of their apps).

Yes but it is because here is a safe space where you can share your ideas no matter what they are

I don’t have a car and rely on my feet, trains and trams

Use the desktop app it is does not track you unless you allow it to, is open source and you can do what you want with it