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imo, Odysee has better search options than Rumble.

The idea being that when you have the desktop client, you’re actually seeding the video’s onto the network yourself( LBRY.com) i like. But since the odysee website/html-frontend was introduced, the desktop client/seeding technology became way overlooked.

The video streaming performance has become much bettter, but lately it has all kind of commercials built in. I wonder how much is actually still based on the initial ‘torrent’-idea. I wonder what kind of data are they selling, in order to store all the content. Because i don’t believe the initial ‘torrent’ seeding idea by clients is what makes lbry so fast.

Content wise, it is home to quite some content creators which came from YouTube because they were censored. YouTube has a political agenda, and as a result the content there is void of fringe opinion. Most censored information from fringe scientists etc i am able to find on odysee👍

(edit) The amount of nonsense Dutch politics have been giving out about Covid jabs may have been detected more if censorship of critics wasn’t so intrusive. e.g. the minister of healthcare litterally claiming ‘tested to the bone’ and ‘safe and effective’ while the phase 2 and 3 trials were still ongoing🤨And now those same politicians are all about censoring misinformation… The irony.

in Holland we’ve seen environmental protests taking extreme forms while not being condemned as extreme. They’re being discussed as “people who have concerns” while other groups aren’t portrayed like that.

Also, a protester was invited to a popular mainstream talkshow and glued himself to the table (which was easily undone afterwards). Other protesting figures for other means, with a reasonable following, and never calling for arms (while being protrayed in msm to do just that), don’t even get a seat on that “talkshow”.

Also e.g. A protest organized by ‘extinction rebellion’ was able to seige a runway at an airport. imo, it’s unthinkable for a random group to do that unless there’s inside support. In my opionion millitary police would have intervened before they would be able to block the runway with those numbers.


i dont’ think i can find the source for this one, but; there was a group doing a questionaire under people who didn’t trust the media’s perception. The outcome surprised the group. it seemed that those people having work where they have much contact with people were better of during the pandemic health wise than those having a more secluding life. ofcourse the “more research is required” clause applies.

yeah, i conclued similar as what your article says about the writer of the link i provided;

“There is just no evidence that they make any difference,” the lead author said in a media interview. This brought an unusual chastisement from the Cochrane Library’s editor-in-chief, who stated it was “not an accurate representation of what the review found.”

if they can’t say with certainty that it does/doesnt’ work based on all the previous studies. i read it as; There’s no firm prove it works against resporatory virusses. That’s why i wouldn’t bet on it like my life depends on it.

Don’t immediately throw the ideology card please. Further down in ‘plain language’ they state;

We are uncertain whether wearing masks or N95/P2 respirators helps to slow the spread of respiratory viruses based on the studies we assessed.

Believe what you will. Cheers

Actually, it was talking about the studies it had available as sources. Bascially, garbage in garbage out. As i read it, they don’t disqualify their own used methods.

Hi. The article starts with a reference to a publication dated February 10, 2021

This publication dated Jan 2023 says masks were hardly effective [edit: they were unable to make firm conclusions either way]

i’d expect them to also consider the effect of applied covid treatment(s), but i don’t read anything about that

I just was reminded of a clip of years ago. It’s stuff you don’t hear in the news. It may be offtopic, but I liked to share 😬

Hi. Thx for the heads up. Indeed server hosters are free to do what they wish. I don’t have examples. I saw a video quite a while back, explaining quite some difficulties with moderation on fediverse. I’ll search for it.

Shooting online while you’re being cheered on. Ok, maybe not related, but it does remind me of this; I’ve heard veterans who came back to their society. They realise they’ve been told&living a lie, but others still can’t see, breaks their heart. E.g. “winter soldier mike prysner 2008 - 10 min clip” on yt. #gem

Of course nothing is stopping…

Except when your account exists on a server which blocks countless servers. A user can’t see which servers are on your home server’s ban list.

I agree. Lemmy Hoste multiple communities on a single instance. This gives room for interaction with people thinking different than you. That’s i.m.o. positive.

I learned In fediverse there’s much ignore lists and exclusion of servers happening. I’d much rather have users personally choose which communities/users not to see than whole servers being excommunicated for them(unless it’s spam servers ofcourse). Excluded Servers clusters(islands) are a breeding ground for mindset that the whole world thinks likewise(because there’s no notion of other servers). In my opinion cancel-culture is detrimental to society. Documentary “The social dilemma” has shown that; eg Facebook which, for add revenue, targets info only to users who are already interested. This breeds anti social/extreme mindsets.

Brilliant response! You haven’t checked her story out for sure.

i got my information from my wife who went on a group off-road road trip there. But indeed we have quite different sources, and thus viewpoints, which i.m.o. don’t make either invalid. You too, have a good day.

I wonder how your poem is received on reddit :) Did you post it there as well?

Hi. Well, the problem i have with being more explicit is, that i’m relaying a message which i can’t do justice. What i will say is; Anneke Lucas experienced organized crime. She shares insights in the torture methods used, and how it’s used to control people(that problem paradigm i referred to). After she escaped she recognized that some political figures were people who handled her. For more details i’d really rather have you listen to her, because me trying to use heavy words doesn’t scratch the surface of her life story. What i take from it; we don’t have a clue what we’re up against.

You’re acting as if you’re the only one not getting a point across :)

Regarding Cuba. People there are afraid to talk to tourists. Letting tourists stay overnight at someone’s house can get you in big trouble. anywhere there’s a gathering of tourists there are spies to ensure nobody ‘talks’. People dissapear without notice. That’s about 6 years ago. But Cuba people are very hospitable and pleasant people. Just too bad for the government. You mentioning Cuba as a thriving socialist example really makes me wonder where you got your information.

“You’ve just found…” Such a nonsense. i would have much more to relate if you were actually interested. Very sad the world is taken hostige by blocking of any doctor having early proof, it literally took lives! I really hope you saw that Faucci with his double masks was a sanity test.

After much typing i do have an idea where you stand. Only thing, i don’t think you actually read my first/initial reply, because i only got responses which had nothing to do with what i initially posted. But, never mind.

it’s just platitudes while it’s actually happening in China

The west isn’t perfect and is full of propaganda & lies. But China does similar. Sure, if you stay within the confines of what’s Ok by CCP, you won’t notice the brutalities. But… i never started the first reply to go back and forth about social/capital-ism. I referred another root-problem surfacing to which i didn’t get any feedback.

What you’re doing is creating a false equivalence. Socialist systems …

“No human society is perfect” i agree. i guess you’re not referring to Cuba as it is now.

Meanwhile, regarding covid, the only sane thing to do with a novel virus that’s not well understood is to control its spread…

Oh common… the first half year i would have expected that. But 1,5 years later they were still scratching their heads about control & treatment?! i don’t buy it. Did you check the papers i provided?


Thanks for your elaboration. Although my point wasn’t to discuss this, but to point to another aspect of failing government.

Something to keep in mind …

Classes, as groups of people …

i agree

Socialists want the proletariat

i agree with what the incentive is. But (afaik) there’s no feedback loop for whatever shortage there may be, to be recognized and overcome. How is that tackled when businesses are state owned and personal endeavors require public property?

There will also be less of a reason to overproduce and waste (e.g. different companies churning out essentially the same product, supermarkets destroying tons of food, etc.).

i agree. i believe many such problems arose when the stock-markets were introduced. Where under the guise of injecting capital, a company becomes ruled by leeches. Essentially removing the personal attachment of the company owner to their workers. in short, the soul of the company is removed.

School will no longer be a prison because it will no longer need to shape people into obedient drones who are just smart enough to do their job but not smart enough to critically examine the world.

i’m not so sure if socialism will solve it. There is by the way a rising group of acedemics pointing out the decline in allowing critical thinking amongst the university teachers and students, and even a cancel culture growing where critical thinking/discussions are targetted. Something they didn’t notice before.(probably there was, but it all depends on their prior perceptions)

It eliminates conditions that cause the “evil” of capitalism

Ok. But i didn’t discuss socialsm vs capitalism. i pointed to a different problem paradigm working in current governments. Of which multiple testify their own experiences of being subject it, although only few were able to escape.(the playlists i mentioned)

… That’s freedom of self determination … That’s actual tangible freedom.

Yes, same is used to portrayed how glorious the west is. But still, here and there, you get persecuted for reasons i explained. Like in Netherlands, people trying to expose ‘pedophelia within government’ get thrown in jail for months without having a trial, and when trialed get years. Here people also think we’re free, also think that court does justice.(well they do, until you target particular issues)

I’m aware of that paradox. btw i’ve read the chapter 6 you proposed. i’m aware of (western/globalists) deceit tactics. i don’t think i have praised capitalism here…

Regarding covid, again i’m not saying it wasn’t bad. i’m saying whatever treatments were out there received enourmous organized slander. in hindsight studies find out those providing information outside msm were on to something… e.g.; 1)pneumonia treatment shouldn’t have changed. 2)hcq works preventively. 3)ivermectin works preventively and for treatment. (ps whoever comes with the horsepaste derailment wasn’t able to circumvent msm). 4)masks are vastly overrated. For 2),4) i gave some links to recent publications.

But back to why i commented in the first place; i firmly believe when people’s dignity is traumatized, most of them don’t know how to escape the vicious circle. The channel i provided is exposing the driving force behind western politics decisions.

No, I’m not just talking about income/wealth improvement. I’m talking about access to housing, education, healthcare, jobs, social mobility, and so on. All these things are actual tangible freedoms people in China enjoy. What covid made clear is that China saved millions of lives while western oligarchs decided to sacrifice people to keep making profits.

That’s not freedoms per-se. in my opinion that’s access to wealth. If you’re locked up and brutalized for your belief, what freedom is that. If you can’t travel because your ‘social credit’ score is too low, what freedom is that? But i’ll leave it at that. (The EU is moving towards such regime in rapid pace as well.)

Vast majority of people living in China are happy

i agree.

brutality of US regime

i agree. Similarly, all the US lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction which got IRAQ butchered, like so many other countries under the false flag ‘installing democracy’. There are enough veterans out there warning about what is actually happening.

Regarding falun-gong. i read the 2 books and spoken to the believers and read the mainstream articles claiming it’s a dangerous cult. My impression is that negative propaganda is rampant. The books educate e.g. to always speak truth and if you’re being hurt to Not let it breed hate in you, etc. (my own words). There was actually a period of 10 years the CCP and companies suggested the book for spiritual education, but at one point the following became to big and CCP was scared for it to turn political, so they started the crackdown. The Chinese lady coworker who i spoke (who was at first shocked that i knew of it) told me she remembers that after the burning man on tiananmen-square who was portraied as a follower and used for disgrace propaganda, her mother ditched the books they once had received from her work.

i get the impression you followed covid news via popular media outlets. Yes people died. But there’s more to it. Science (although late) uncovers the western lies which were propagated throught the media. (e.g. masks) (masks2), (more here). Also, a study finally released proving hydroxyxchlorequine to be beneficial(what so many said all along, even though fact-check squad was out to suppress them), while media and poly-tics did everything to block people’s access to it. (The hcq studies done previously were intentionally setup flawed and didn’t correct the setup while scientists did write them. By the way… the initial HCQ scare was based on a complete fraud by Surgisphere, and published by the Lancet, although later retracted). But the scare worked and got all access to HCQ banned. Similarly they did with ivermectin.

Would SNAC be an easy to self-host instance, to replace the need for the twitter API ?

i read; “Elon now charging $US42,000 per month or more for API access,” https://lemmy.ml/post/957083

That’s not what people who actually live in China say … So, not really sure what you’re going on about here.

Well, you’re talking about income/wealth improvement, while i said that freedom isn’t what it portraid like under any regime. That covid made it quite clear.

With regard to what Chinese people say about China. i’ve spoken with Chinese refugees. They were captured and tortured for practicing falun-gong(a.k.a. falun-dafa. see https://faluninfo.net/ ) and i’ve seen a Chinese refugee’s fingers which had been mutulated by needles being pushed under his nails. And not much later i spoke a Chinese lady who was shocked that i knew of falundafa. We realized she only knew the state-propaganda side of the story. Having followed the HongKong protests, you might seen the real face of CCP as well.

Both your and my talking points don’t discredit the other, right? i mean, wealth doesn’t say anything about freedom.

Trudeau praises China. Past couple of years have proven that in both countries freedom is a farse.

While were discussing governments, satanists infiltrate whatever positions to rule the masses. Anneke lucas (the channel i gave) shares what she endured. It paints another problem paradigm

i’m quite sure also other ideologies can’t escape this kind of evil infiltration though. it’s not that only wealthy people are subject to it. it infiltrates all positions of influence i.e. govern-ments.

mm… 2 upvotes, 5 downvotes on the OP. Do majority really believe that SDG’s will change the world for the better? Even though they’re using anti-social methods?

Hi yogthos,

i’m newhere, i see you post frequently. i guess you use a bot or plugin or something :)

There’s this woman testifying that high in western politics there’s no place for ‘normal’ people. This lady has created a youtube channel where she and other victims testify by personal account of (the nature of) what goes on behind the scenes. In the channels ‘about’ it claims “Our project includes original content and first-hand accounts only”. On her channel there’s (amongst others) both a playlist of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ victims, and ‘human trafficking’ victims. https://www.youtube.com/@RealWomenRealStories/playlists i couldn’t even imagine the terror they are inflicted. Quite enlightning, putting politics in a very different perspective.

Some things being worked on "in line with the SDG’s" in the Netherlands:

if one asks, i will provide more links (maybe in Dutch)

i thought this picture was quite thought provoking… 🧐 Because up to now, all i see coming forth from this incentive is mandatory restrictions and cancel culture