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For Firefox, Chrome and other browsers

Just Delete Me - website and browser addon
Another awesome website to help bring your privacy at higher level. Browser extension can show you how easy is to delete account on site you watch, and if you click on it it will provide you directly to that option.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read
Awesome website with browser extension which can help you with understand what site you watch can do with your data.

Jerboa sucks to be honest and have bugs. Currently we don’t have any good and usable Android client.

lmmur 0.9.0 is out, but no source code available
In GitHub repository last commit is from August, last release is 0.8.0, but in Google Play and F-Droid, new version is available to download, but with integrated browser issue. I can't fix this issue by myself and also, old version 0.8.0 from January is outdated and I cannot login to my account. Isn't lemmur open source no more?