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That website doesn’t seem to list a lot of Fediverse software.

If it’s only a meter, don’t worry about it.

You can guess if it is shielded or not by how hard the cables are to bend, but otherwise you need to cut them open and see if there is some metalized foil wrapped around the cables. I think this shielding is not mandatory by the specs so usually only the professional ones have it.

It currently needs to be run via xwayland or x11 due to some bug and controller input is not great. Should be doable with the touch input on the SD though. There were some people on the chat reporting that it can be made to work on the SD and that it runs well.

Migration is complete and registrations are open again (with admin approval).

The rumored Deckard standalone VR headset from Valve sounds exciting.

There was also some previous discussion about using a S3 compatible image host as the Pict-rs backend added support for that in the latest version v0.4.x

Lemmy is still using 0.3.x and 0.4.x is untested I think, and by default Pict-rs is proxied through the Lemmy backend server I think, but in theory it should be possible to distribute quite some load this way.

No, cat5e will easily carry 1gbit links and will probably even be fine for anything up to 10gbit.

If you have a lot of cables going in parallel you might want to check if they are shielded though.

There are some SQL database optimisations being discussed right now and apparently the picture resizing on upload can be quite CPU heavy.

Maybe some dns fail-over for lemmy.ml to point to join-lemmy.org might be cool indeed 🤔

Then people would start name-squatting and you would end up with people having to resort to tom123@lemmy.ml just because someone on a totally different instance already registered tom@example.com. The instance already signifies that it is a different user and it is rather the exception that someone intentionally tries to impersonate a user by copying the avatar etc.

Reddit does have free RSS/ATOM feeds AFAIK, they are just strongly rate limited to prevent abuse. A single bot pulling RSS feeds for a few communities should be indistinguishable from a regular user though. This bot can pull RSS feeds and post them to Lemmy: https://github.com/pooza/tomato-shrieker

Trolls impersonating the Lemmy developers has happened in the past. best is to report this to the instance admins who can delete the accounts as from the post history it is usually clear who the imposter is. Not sure if there can be a better way to handle this, probably not?

France has that train system, although sadly too centralized on Paris, meaning you often have to make a detour over Paris to reach another place.

IMHO only when there are suitable alternatives it makes sense to have legislation like that, although I think the real problem are unnecessary business trips (which includes private jets) and legislation should rather focus on that.

You mean here: https://join-lemmy.org/instances ?

It already has a “recommended” section at the top.

I think we could argue that having a “popular” section below is somewhat counter-productive as you don’t really want to funnel even more users to the already overloaded instances, but any kind of “political” sorting will probably just result in endless discussions on how and why something is sorted one way or the other.

Lemmy uses a external software called Pict-rs to manage all the picture files. This results in a somewhat limited control over uploaded files from the Lemmy-ui. So tl;dr: what you ask is not possible, however one image also does not make a big difference for the server.

Moderating remote communities is a bit buggy and obviously you can’t create new communities on remote servers.

Normal usage is pretty much ok though.

Keyboard and mouse. Controller sort of works but the inventory etc needs an overhaul to work with controllers.

That is being reworked right now and Nextcloud also has file storage federation via the Open Cloud Mesh specification that allows sharing files and folders between various cloud file storage software. The latter is sadly often overlooked and more interesting than being able to post to Mastodon from the Nextcloud interface.

It is/was an idea, not a precise plan, mainly born out of some frustrations with Lemmy. It is still a consideration, but for now I think kbin is undergoing too many changes for it to make sense to switch right now. But since I want/need to switch servers right now and not in half a year or so I think I’ll stay with Lemmy and to be honest once I have everything setup and working with Lemmy on my own server I’ll probably be too lazy to switch again 😅

Slrpnk.net is blocking lemmygrad, but I closed registrations until I moved the server to my own hardware. Maybe later next week I can reopen it.

At the bottom of each Lemmy site there is an “instances” link that shows the linked and blocked instances.

Not possible AFAIK. Best is to join an instance that is blocking those ones.

Like most open-source projects it is in perpetual development. Yes, some parts are still not done and rough around the edges, but it is already a playable game. If you wait for it to be “finished” you might be in for a disappointment 😅 0 A.D. for example is still in “alpha” 20 years later…

The economic model just doesn’t work in a winner takes all market. Maybe try https://veloren.net as a open-source multiplayer RPG (not really massive, but there are typically 100+ players on the main server at any given time).

Games like that which prey on vulnerable people with gambling addictions should be highly regulated and probably not exist.

No, following users is not supported by Lemmy. You could try kbin though which supports that.

This sounds quite nice, but I suspect it will initially be really expensive like similar ARM work-stations.

Yeah, no thanks. I’ll continue not buying their showelware then (or only at deep discounts years later).

Maybe once you can install SteamOS on this thing. Windows is just way to finicky and user unfriendly.

Akkoma is also nice and Calckey seems to gain popularity fast.

Source: https://github.com/immortalx74/lovr_rocks

although it also applies to Reddit of course.

>FreeOrion is a free, Open Source, turn-based space empire and galactic conquest computer game.

cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/299894 > #ScienceFiction

Source code: https://github.com/udan11/discourse-chat-matrix Looks interesting, but the documentation on how to set it up is lacking.

cross-posted from: https://slrpnk.net/post/244182 > Link in German, but after all these years of people complaining and even if analytics are explicitly disabled in Element, it still phones home :(

Link in German, but after all these years of people complaining and even if analytics are explicitly disabled in Element, it still phones home :(

Has been a good while since we had a good shower and faucet discussion on Lemmy.ml 😱