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As a male, its probably easier to get away with, so yes sometimes I use the ❤️ emoji. I have never sent a dick pic or received one.

I think i was meaning literal bots, but I may have been a bit inebriated.

yeah the the ones that allow all humans alright, but have you tried the ones that allow bots too?

why not have both? something need to be moved fast. Like organs for transplanting.

well this is a good sign that we have not reached the bottom of this bear market yet

I don't want to go to Chel-C

We are constantly reading of stories with one main theme where people turn to seemingly “simple” systems in order to manage complexity; except that these systems manage to produce complex problems, without having to acquire historical cruft, or suffering from any of the usual issues that produce non…


apparently the tg hacker posted this onchain

There is no release tomorrow this is all a hoax
There is no secret orgies or assassinations
There is no twitter employee hiding information
There is no sexual assault, no people and influencers stealing from users or people using alts to prop up projects 
These are all fabrications made by myself for attention
I will be dead from suicide you have nothing to worry about so do not bother finding me
Do not send any money or funds to this address and move on
If any message that comes from this address in the future or any messages claim to be dead man switches then assume the private key for this address is compromised and assume it is a fake message by someone else


ok, well then replace lightning with payment channels in general then. Why is lightning a scam?

I agree; but what @dessalines@lemmy.ml says still holds true I think. Most transaction should probably use layer 2 solutions such as lightning network and only fall back to the blockchain in cases for dispute or settlement which should be a rather infrequent event compared to transacting.

no! and i didn’t write this post. But I have started using it since reading this and I like the service.

DHT and blockchain solve different problems. Blockchain are usefully when you need to come to consensus on the ordering for events.

You could, scuttlebutt builds a social network without domains and optionally uses a DHT

sometimes i feel like i have lost the plot

Do It.

User testing sometimes has surprising results…


  • 18,000+ monthly active developers commit code in open source crypto and Web3 projects
  • 34,000+ new developers committed code in 2021 — the highest in history…

Fashion-conscious Italian police are in revolt after receiving batches of pink face masks to wear on duty, arguing that the “eccentric” colour is ill-matched with their uniforms…