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The web should be broken into nooks of a thousand gardens. The superficial web should be entirely smashed. The majority of the web should be crazy, personally hosted websites off of someones personal computer. There should be no more cloud, no more server farms. We should land an artillery shell into the middle of google’s, facebook’s, etc, warehouse and see what happens.

It’s a sin to speak that name in vain

Steam and emulators work great but somethings are more complicated. As far as games your confined inside the steam environment unless you’re willing to do extra work.

“I, as most people, assumed the banks weren’t interested in playing stupid games after 2008”

I don’t remember that being the common consensus.

It’s insane Linux is still at 2%. There are distributions that are more user friendly than Windows. They come with preinstalled tools that meet user needs you didn’t even know existed. Linux, as it stands today, is better than Windows in every category, not even considering all of the reasons to not use Windows. So why is Windows still dominating the PC space? Maybe because this shift in layman-utility is only a few years old, you often have to go out of your way --requiring the knowledge of how to install an OS – to use Linux, pre-builds mask the cost of Windows and remove the choice, and a general bias against the unfamiliar.

It’s surrendering market share and fostering foreign competition if nothing else. I’m sure they’re not happy about surrendering to Пар

It was stupid for Steam to drop Russia. They were getting thirty percent. Does it hurt the Russians to not have to pay a thirty percent cut for nothing? It would be if my landlord decided to not charge me an excess in rent to teach me that I needed him

China already has chip manufacturing capabilities especially if you include Taiwan. The US can’t even get its trains and airports to work properly. As much as I’d love a stronger industrial base, it’s not going to happen without a major overhaul.

Was that in the works? Was the US trying to build up a manufacturing capability for Solar Panels. If the US wants something China has they could try asking for it. They could also fund their own R&D.

I bet China would be open to joint development with the US, but the US has to decide whether it wants a trade war or cooperation.

I can’t remember the last time I had to use HP software. They’re a bad company that’s easy to avoid. Windows is becoming easier to avoid as well. I have a copy of Windows 10 installed on another HDD, but I almost never have to use it.

seconded. Torrenting is safe and easy. The more people torrenting the more accessible files and information becomes. It also provides the only argument against corporate raising of prices and lowering of standards. They treat you poorly because they think you can. Torrenting is the counter response.

1337X is my go to for movies and TV. Pirate Bay is always a great option.
Transmission is a free and open source client.

Well quarantined. Its still there with its broken links, zero listed members, and heavily shadow banned status. You can’t see it unless you look for it, and an anti-socialist mimic comes up first if you search for it. It’s there though.

No you have a huge point. If I use a power tool or doing any kind of labor, I want to know the risks involved so that I can mitigate them as much as I can. If I’m told that this power tool or this kind of labor has no risks, then I could die, and it would be the fault of whoever diminished those risks.

Safety is important. The first step to a safe environment is correctly identifying the potential risks you are being exposed to while in that environment. If you are purposefully diminishing the hazards associated with known risks then you are directly responsible for the deaths that arise as a result.

Basically you could have made more money if you charged more. That sort of logic works if you’re only considering isolated systems benefiting isolated individuals. There’s plenty of issues with charging more just because you can, namely inflation.

The view is only taking into consideration the interests of the capitalist. From the user’s point of view, why should they have to pay more just because the capitalist can charge more?

If you pay attention to how people actually talk about economics this is a known contradiction. In telecommunications, the US pays more for a lesser quality outcome. This is immediately recognized as a social contradiction. This same situation is true across the various industries.

It becomes a social crisis rather than a minor inconvenience. First, people find themselves cheated at every social relation until they can no longer afford to live. Second, the nations ability to successfully reproduce itself is hindered: At the workers level because of the first, and at the infrastructural level because there is no reason to maintain vital infrastructure when you can charge the same without the maintenance and innovation; look to the railroads, which are gutting their own infrastructure to maximize profit. Third, the industrial base becomes a paper tiger. The nation is incapable of meeting stress demands on its industrial base. The Texas power companies maximized profit at the expense of their industrial base and when Texas froze over their was nothing anyone could do. The American Arms industry follows the same principles so dollar for dollar the US is the largest military in the world. The Ukraine conflict has exposed the US’s inability to meet the stress demands on its industrial base caused by a major conflict; whereas, Russia has been able to meet and exceed the demands with a tenth of the budget.

So what are we talking about when we’re talking about the maximization of profit? Are we talking about gadgets and gizmos that can be taken or left, or does economics concern itself with the industrial capacity of a nation and its ability to sustain its vital interests?

But none of this really has to be said. If everyone is maximizing prices on everything we can tell by the premise alone where that system is going to lead.

can’t you just use a separate private window to run a second instance?

Nootropicsdepot.com sells a lot of potent extracts, verified for content and impurities. I’d say its the hands down number one distributor of “health” drugs.

China isn’t sanctioning Russia in any way; moreover, at the start of the war Chinese companies stepped in to alleviate some of the worst setbacks of Western sanctions. I think it’s fair to say that Russia would be in a far less favorable position without the support China has shown. I wouldn’t expect that situation to change any time soon. There’s always an innuendo of some brewing conflict between the two, but it’s just wishful thinking on the part of the authors.

Lol, you’re right. This news is terribly irrelevant for an article published last week. Why even write it? Western nations have been suffering from a chip shortage for over a year and are rushing to establish domestic production. This feels like more displacement. Taiwan is the most advanced manufacturer of transistors, but China proper is the second most advanced manufacturer; considering Taiwan is recognized as a province of China and the separatist lost the recent elections, the west is in serious trouble rather than Russia. Russia never de-industrialized, and the core of Russia’s industrial base is under central control; while the US has de-industrialized, and it’s only means of central control is bribing it’s capitalist base, which is more interested in banking fraud than production.

The article mentioned Russia’s domestic production. It said their domestic factories can only produce 90nm chips, which is believable.

As far as the latter part of what you said is concerned, that was my same takeaway. China proper is the second most advanced manufacturer of transistors and has good trade relations with Russia; to the extent that their earlier declaration of friendship read more like a marriage declaration. These western sanctions only amount to Chinese protectionism. Its a huge boon to Chinese and Russian technological development and cooperation.

Are we ever going to get better key-commands?
All I want is a way to finalize a post or comment without having to reach for the mouse. It's a little thing that's almost universally implemented. Just a simple Ctrl-Enter. That's all I'm asking for.

Good on them, but what’s their rationale? Probably suspected or proven espionage.

They’re going to have to do something to feed all their little suns

The Linux foundation is full of major Capitalists who mutually agree to help maintain software they are dependent on. You would think that they would help in part to maintain their dependencies but why would they if it’s being maintained for free. Either way they’ll have to maintain them or find an alternative which likely doesn’t exist.

If supply chain in crass then labor chain, but a supply chain is always a labor chain. Microchips and silicon don’t produce themselves. I fail to see how a chain of dependencies is uniquely dehumanizing.

The sites user base is growing. I came here near the beginning of the year, disgusted with reddit. At the beginning I still used reddit primarily but would check on Lemmy. Then it was about half and half. Now only occasionally I check up on reddit, see its still complete filth and leave.

They had to do something after the blatant assassination of a particular president and the assassination of his brother not a year later. Not to mention all the questionable assinations of black civil rights leaders that you’d have to be willfully blind not to tie back to certain political, extra-judicial institutions.

Shortly after was the time people started talking about the illuminate and lizard people. "You don’t believe what you’re told? What do you think the illuminate was in on it? ". Certainly enough idiots out there to buy the hogwash and give the strawman a guise of credibility.

They were capitalist conspirators preparing the way for the capitalist revolutions over the monarchies. Modern society came from such revolutions such as the French and American revolutions. A lot of horror is whitewashed away as well. This culminated with the Paris Commune where the people rightly felt that the above promises of modernity were betrayed by the bourgeoisie, that the proletariat was given the very short end of the stick. Karl Marx was involved with the Paris Commune. His master work Das Capital, a Critique on Capital, spends a great deal of it’s time accounting the horror imposed on the people as they were proletarianized. The volumes are terrifyingly relevant today.

Understand that what you’re referring to above are historically relating to those things with regard to monarchy. Monarchy is a great evil. Understand also that the bourgeoisie who wrote these things along with the declaration of indepence and so on were not altruists and had no intention of living up to their rhetoric. With one side of their mouth they would lambast the abuses of the monarchy, all true; while with the other side of their mouth they would impose their own particular mechanisms of state violence on the working masses to keep them in their place.

there’s also that popular meme of an R7, 3090, 64Gb machine playing low resource hungry games. It’s like buying a flashy sports car to drive 30mph to work and back.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Is there any hope of getting keyboard shortcuts? If nothing else ctrl+enter is strange to do without.