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Alright, getting silly i’m out.

If you tell racists they can hang out in your house, you’re a racist. It doesn’t matter if you “hide” the fact or not.

Are you saying that because Jesus ate with tax collectors he was a tax collector?

Supporting racists is racism.

Again how is hiding racist content supporting racism?

What do you think he was trying to do by hiding it? Do you call hiding content promotion?

If I tell racist people they can’t post racist flyers on my house, am I a racist?

Your conveniently leaving out that he hides it from users not logged in is deliberate obfuscation.

Linking it in the side bar is being transparent about moderation actions.

unless a community becomes “mostly racist” and then the community is linked in the sidebar

You forgot hidden btw. He hides the community from other people, censors it.

Sorry could you explain again how it is that you think hiding racist content is racist again?

You have not demonstrated a single racist post. You just keep repeating it as if it makes it more real.

People like you are why no one even takes the word rascist seriously anymore.

guy: I like oranges more than apples

simple_surpise: He is literally rascist he likes orange people more than red people, he supports the destruction of whole peoples, the world is ending if I don’t get my way.

Ten $ of bitcoin to anyone who can show me an actual racist post made by him. I have not seen him say anything racist and he also told Nazis they aren’t welcome on wolfballs. Just an observer.

I’ve seen hundreds of farms where cows live outside in the grass. You must live in a prison country.

I buy all my milk and meat from a farm. The cows are in the grass all day every day.

You have failed to ask for a source for a specific claim. fine ill start my own community and bring the conversation there where it will be modded fairly.

The extraordinary claim is that a diet that no culture on earth has ever had and fake meat is more environmentally friendly that a diet that includes ruminant meats. If there is a specific claim I made you are confused about I would be happy to provide a source to educate you.

Nice link. Yeah I’m not saying factory farms are OK, and we should all eat grass fed, grass finished but feed lots are usually only used when they are being finished so I want people to at least be fair about it.

They drink pond water and then pee on the ground. Its not rocket science. You can’t move that water to a dry area of Africa. Water usage is a non issue.

Cows, horses do the same thing. Which is why we should increase cow and Bison production and decrease mono crop production.

Could any of you genocide deniers make an argument about why the people of Xinjiang should stay in their concentration camps without bringing up America’s past sins?

Isn’t it totally possible America is evil and so is China?

I disagree. I don’t want to view reddit I want to get away from reddit.

Most of it is open source. You need to add a few things to make it work. That’s what lineageos did.

They open sourced it to drive adoption. And to make app development easier.

Obviously they don’t own the Linux kernel so they must release kernel changes.

They want to do away with that with fuscia so maybe they do want more control over the kernel intellectual property