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I can theoretically ban my self on a self hosted instance. I just have to be really annoyed with myself.

Do pollutants become ore over time?..yes, ore is the lowest energy state possible in the wild, so that’s what the pollutants would become.

You wouldn’t download a car??? I would! And if I could own a car that my mom could also use by giving her my key, I would do that too!

Plus, if the maker of the car could make a car by just pressing a button and burning a few logs of wood in the process, I would try to figure out how that button works. Furthermore, if the vendor of such car, sold me the car and told me that I could get a brand new car by just duplicating my key, then I would just duplicate my key! Fuck yeah!

The reason why it would not be criminal is that no one is working in the background to actually make a new car. I’m just using my car the way it was sold to me.

Similarly, if Netflix allowed me to download the movies, I would back them up to watch later. I would share copies with my friend and his mom. His mom is hot. I would chill with his mom. Anyway, if Netflix doesn’t want us to share passwords, fine! Just request the IP and lock the account to that IP…try to sell that shit and see me running to prime in a heartbeat. But then Netflix would have fixed their problem (emphasis on “their” not “our”).

I use it more than reddit because reddit banned me.

Every few hours or minutes. Specially during lunch time at work and most of my weekend time.

On the plus side, remember, the big trucks are actually removing nickel from the ground! So there will be less contaminated ground later. Mexico is so much better since it’s not contaminated with silver, gold or copper. But I won’t see the day when it’s not contaminated with iron.

Can I go to the restroom teacher? Teacher eh? Can I? Plz!?

My take away from the headline is “hint hint, go to co-host” LOL. See you all new kids trying new things! But bye! I’ll be here if you need anything that I can’t help with.

Exactly. I did an experiment after I noticed that google front page was sending me recommendations to get things on ebay. So I did a single search for dildo, then another for thongs and then waited and waited for a sign. And there it is! eBay sells their data to Google.

LOL! Imagine that! I would go in my grave and do a few turns my self. Man I’m just so done with advertising being part of our every day life.

I’m a windows-narco-uninstaller my self. I mean I’m a self starter. I mean that I uninstall windows as my primary skill, I don’t mean that I start my own engines. I mean I do start my own engines, but not by my self. You know? Like I press the button or turn the key! I don’t mean that I my self literally go under the hood and start cranking the engine. I do crank the engine a few times, but not like that! I mean, sure, it spins like that, sure. But what I mean is that the technology I use is not a wrench, but a button. No, I do have wrenches! I mean I don’t use the wrencnhes to start the car! That’s what I mean!

Not exactly a good thing in this case. Also probably BS or maybe someone is getting abused in the process or maybe it works for a few days. But yeah, if China gets better than EUV technology, then we’re screwed. We’ll have drones running behind us trying to end us…AI controlled.

So basically the players are speaking for those who previously did not have a voice…but we also already knew they were under an oppressive government.

Oppressive governments need to be removed from the world. Hopefully that statement at least is something others can agree on with me. Is there anyone out there who wants to be told what to do?

How about listening to speeches from Orange tinged politicians? Can that be a thing in the future?

Can they make one where you have to give yourself a paper cut with the edge of it? Or maybe you gotta lick it, then touch your eyeball to it. Or even more appropriate for the times, a CC where you must insert the pointy end into each of your nostrils for a total of 5 rotations each. That would be unbreakable security. One could go deeper with this and require some sort of armpit material, feces or reproductive organ fluids. Anything else? How about a physical key? Or maybe the guy just knows you personally. Or you could meet with two bankers at the same time and formulate a question-responce combination that you must execute upon each transaction!

Okay, how about a brown check mark for 5 bucks?

I installed this yesterday. It's not great. 29% of all power used goes to it. It's getting removed as we speak.

Google is fucked, long live Fedsrch?
I didn't realize this before, but as more people join up, human history on the internet will be here. We will need a search engine to replace Google because Google probably can't search the fediverse. It's a very interesting problem for sure. For example, if I need car trouble help, I search "reddit, Honda Civic 2005, starter noises" and I get useful information from others. If you don't add "reddit" you get garbage results. One day, reddit will be just one guy keeping the lights on like the myspace guy or that meta or Tweeter guy. It's going to suck if we can't find each other's ideas and posts.

Tom's Hardware: AMD Becomes Leading Player in Decentralized Storage Initiative.
I usually upgrade Ubuntu by first moving all my stuff to home/username which is mounted from a disk different than the OS disk. It would be lovely to have a solid online storage that was Linux compatible. Google is not it. It will just literally be 1T full of more email ads.

SeniorPrius the Dr Prius opensource app
Its an interesting concept where a bluetooth dongle is connected to the OBDII, then a raspberrypi is used to collect data. The rpi will have a live data dashboard aswell.

New cells, new community, new app, everything is new!

Mid summer, August 04, it rained in Seattle.
It's was cloudy and rainy/breezy today between one of the longest heat waves in Seattle and another that's coming next week. The weather is weird around here.

What is your favorite password manager?
I started digging into opensource password managers and found that they all suck major ball sack. I ended up picking nothing. My two runner-ups were bitwarden. It works on Linux, Android, whatever apple's shit runs on, and even runs on PC's with the OS that you usually delete first thing. But the major drawback is that I can't trust it. It's got a "premium" version, and that has always meant a slow steady spiral into "you must pay now that we have you by the balls" situation. Another drawback is that it's centralized, kill the company and so go your passwords I suppose. The other runner up is called liso. This one comes with two major drawbacks. One is that is browser only so far. The other one is that it doesn't work on Linux yet. Such a shit shit option. Everything else out there wants you to pay for encryption. I did end up learning about pass on Linux. It creates encrypted passwords and there's some compatibility with guis and maybe available on Android??? Big question mark. I've tried nothing yet. My password list seems to grow daily. So what's your favorite one?