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If they can’t adapt, then the market will relegate them to the dustbin of history. Only forests that meet the needs of the ever changing market will survive, and that’s good for society. /s

Wait, what is print on demand and why is it bad? Just-in-time production of books seems like a good idea in theory, but I haven’t deeply examined the idea.

Upset my favorite hiking boot material, which I use to aid in my appreciation of the natural world, permanently harms the world I’m appreciating

Teflon is a PFAS. You can research both Teflon and PFAS and you’ll almost immediately find studied on adverse health and environmental impacts. Teflon accumulates in the body over time, we have no way of eliminating it from our bodies. And many PFAS including Teflon remain the environment indefinitely and readily dissolve in water.

Despite the obvious profit motive and huge companies selling these chemicals, like DuPont, even American government agencies like the USDA and CDC have published studies linking PFAS to cancer, neuropathies, and other effects.

PFAS on cookware obviously has an easy pathway into people, but PFAS production results in PFAS pollution in the environment. Given its negative effects and its near infinite lifespan, water solubility, and subsequent ability to accumulate in ever increasing quantities, PFAS production should be immediately halted for all use cases that are not involved in life saving or similarly critical systems, and alternative substances must be researched for those use cases so we can phase PFAS out completely.

I had no idea goretex and elixir strings were related and equally no idea that they are both Teflon derivatives. Disappointed to learn that.