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and all the packages those secondary packages require, back in the old days we called it Dependency Hell

also very popular vides can also have mastodon comments, pleroma, etc too

Ideally, you could play the videos and not just see the thumbnail

odysee is full of far right people and cryptocurrency scams

please link it! do you have a peertube channel?

LibRedirect will automatically forward you to frontends like this for many sites. Now it can detect offline instances and keep trying others

i have the same concerns with hippies and their guerilla roadside gardening, at least get some soil samples tested at the local college

if you’re technically inclined and like watching stuff, i highly suggest kodi with debrid addons. i have mine running on a raspi3b+ connected to my tv, it’s like netflix for everything. my debrid service is like $13 a month and has a terabyte cloud with rss torrent downloads, usenet, vpn, voip, and high speed downloads from premium services. don’t wanna advertise here but if you ask i’ll link you. or just search debrid

i don’t think most people are qualified enough to have serious ideas about protocol-level changes

Conan Visits Havana's El Malecón | CONAN on TBS

All his Cuba and international stuff is great, he doesn’t vilify them or make shitty jokes…


i always wanted to make a punk rock/anticapitalist mod of earthbound, Solarus sounds a lot more advanced than earthbound modding tools made for winxp

I’m guessing “cyberspace sovereignty” means internet censorship? Also fuck Elon

I believe NitroKeys are open source too? i don’t think a lot of sites fully support FIDO2 tho

i’d prefer fair trade cocaine, in minecraft

i MIGHT try it as an experiment, without taking it too seriously, if they had to follow HIPPA, but i really doubt they will

I used to do food not bombs and also had a phase where i was drinking in public a lot and ended up chilling with a lot of homeless people at nearby parks and such

It’s like happy and sad I think you should listen…





Anyone tried to run lemmy on a Raspi4?

Any issues or successes? I might wanna run a small instance on pure solar…


Purpose of this community

Nominees have made public declaration of their anti-mask, anti-vax, or Covid-hoax views, followed by admission to hospital for Covid. The Award is granted upon the nominee’s release from their Earthly shackles…


If you're not aware, you can paste an image from clipboard into the URL field.

Glad I tried. It would be nice if images federated as image attachments and not just a lemmy link, tho…


A good place to follow recent HD releases?

I’m waiting on Eternals and Spider-man but but I don’t watch cams, is there a place to track it?..


What Kodi addons do you use?

I’m mostly TheOath and Premiumizer…