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Hey that’s pretty cool! I’ll give your app a try this evening when I’m off work. Thanks

The Auditor app uses hardware security features on supported devices to validate the integrity of the operating system from another Android device. It will verify that the device is running the stock operating system with the bootloader locked and that no tampering with the operating system has oc…


Android Security Bulletins

Android Security Bulletins


Requesting is not begging, hence the purpose of c/community_requests

You seem like an angry person replying out of hate. I’m sorry for whatever it is that happened to you to be this way. It doesn’t give you a right to attack, harass and bully people.

Edit: your behavior is very much like an abuser in real life that gets off on verbally insulting people for your own sick and twisted kicks.

AOSP Community

Coming soon…


Ultrasonic Cross Device Tracking and how to prevent it using GrapheneOS…


Libera.chat IRC network

From Libera.chat’s guide:

Creating Channels.
Choosing the correct namespace.
Before creating a new channel on Libera.Chat, please take a moment to read up on our namespaces policy and ensure that your channel is named appropriately from the beginning. This will avoid disruptions in the future.

How to create a new channel.
Be identified.
You must be registered and logged in to services to make channels. You can log in by doing /msg NickServ IDENTIFY YourNickname YourPassword

Joining the channel.
The next step of creating a channel is to /join it.

Pick a channel name without spaces and add the appropriate number of #’s to the beginning, according to our namespaces policy. Eg, /join #awesomeprojectname if it is for an official project channel or a community channel about a project, or /join ##yournickname-chats for an informal channel.

Check that it is available.
You can check that a channel is registered or not with /msg ChanServ info #wanted-channel-name

If it is not registered ChanServ will tell you, otherwise it will show you the public information for the existing channel.

The first person to join an unregistered channel is granted temporary operator status. If the channel is empty and unregistered, you should have operator status now. If not, you will need to talk to the people already in the channel, or if there is nobody there with Libera.Chat staff either in #libera or on /stats p.

If the channel is already registered and you are unable to claim it, you will need to choose a different channel name.

Registering the new channel.
Once you’re sure you can register the channel, you need to /msg ChanServ register #wanted-channel-name