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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/87735 > Project > > https://gitlab.com/kupfer > > > Matrix > - #kupfer-development - https://gnome.element.io/#/room/#kupfer-devel:matrix.org > - #kupfer-community - https://gnome.element.io/#/room/#kupfer-community:matrix.org

Doing backups the easy way. Plugin your USB drive and let the Pika do the rest for you. Features Setup new backup repositories or uses existing ones Create backups locally and remote Save time and disk space because Pika Backup does not need to copy known data again Encrypt your backups List created archives and browse through their contents Recover files or folders via your file browser Pika Backup is powered by the well-tested borg-backup software. Limitations Currently, scheduled backups are not supported. Excluding files from a backup via regular expressions and alike is not implemented yet. Pika Backup is designed to save your personal data and does not support complete system recovery.

Tails - Tails 4.24 is out
Changes and updates Update Tor Browser to 11.0. Make the confirmation dialog of Tails Installer more scary when reinstalling a USB stick that has a Persistent Storage. (#18301) Improvements to the Tor Connection assistant Improve the time zone selection interface. (#18514) Improve the explanation when fixing the clock. (#18572) Explain better how to type a bridge. (#18597) Remove mention to local networks when opening the Unsafe Browser. (#18600) Fixed problems Avoid high CPU usage when getting download progress info in Tails Upgrader. (#18632) For more details, read our changelog. Known issues The Unsafe Browser has display problems, but still works to sign in to a network using a captive portal. See the list of long-standing issues.

I feel that deleting or autodeleting leads to a false sense of security, in fact it might draw more attention if something disappears.

Several people on Mastodon delete their old toots. Here a blog post from a well-known person on Mastodon with their reasons : https://kevq.uk/why-i-delete-old-content/

excerpt : I also wouldn’t want something I’ve said years ago be taken out of context (or taken correctly, but I’ve changed my opinion since). So it’s easier to delete my shizzle.

Will people provide tools to decrease digital footprint for users on Lemmy instances ?
Some time ago there was dismay on Mastodon (and Pleroma ?) instances about data scraping. Before that happened there were privacy concerned people automatically deleting their own toots, limiting them for example to the latest toots for thirty days. With Lemmy things are different since Lemmy is a link aggregator rather than micro blogging, and Mastodon has boost option (Called replay with Pleroma ?). However deleting your older comments (but not posts) automatically would be really nice for privacy reasons.

Toki Pona / English Dictionary (Gemini link)
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/75383 > "A simple dictionary for everyone's favorite conlang ;) > > The dictionary is a simple word lookup and does not provide results for compounds. So the word car, in english, will not be found in toki pona because you would be required to speak multiple toki pona words to express the idea. Both searched _do_ support multiple words being searched for: separate the words with spaces."

ReleasePartyBullseye - Debian Wiki
August 14, 2021 is the expected party time. https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2021/07/msg00003.html

Solene’% : Why self hosting is important
More comments : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27939039

TIL : pre-installed Linux laptops maybe more of a common thing
Wow. The probably most popular on-line shop in Holland and Belgium is selling Linux laptops, with currently a choice of twenty laptops with Linux preinstalled, prices go from about 500 to over 3000 Euros. They usually partner with other companies to deliver the products. The names of these Linux laptops companies were unknown to me till today. (Not wanting to "spam" in favor of them, only wanting to share this development, but if you want to fact check, try "linux laptop kopen" without the "" in Duckduckgo, and choose Belgium for country, and you will probably see that big name as the first hit).

BirdNET – The easiest way to identify birds by sound.
More comments : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27929150

FreeBSD Implements Unprivileged Chroot
More comments : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27917230 and https://lobste.rs/s/ln2ue7/freebsd_implements_unprivileged_chroot

Lumina and the Elementary OS pantheon are options to install. Basically as easy as changing one line in one configuration file. Amazing.

Paranoid NixOS Setup - Christine Dodrill
More comments here : https://lobste.rs/s/dn4jss/paranoid_nixos_setup

Source image : https://ludditus.com/2021/04/15/looking-for-purity-in-arch-linux/

NixOS install success today
In the past I've tried NixOS a few times but I was too impatient during the install and got a bit stuck or maybe gave up too quickly. Now I see that the installer is not the most smooth part of NixOS and needs just more patience on my part ;) I also tried to install it on a computer where it made the virtual desktop way too big and I could not figure out why the Gnome kb shortcuts didn't work so I tried on another computer, and install succeeded! - edit - Could not get the first example of [the xfce4 wiki](https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Xfce) to work, so after a while made it simpler. Very cool to see that after a "rebuild" it (xfce4) is ready to be used! ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/AkW9Z91NYH.png)

Features Wisdom tree plays a variety of music, environmental sounds and white noises to help you concentrate. You can also import your own music into Wisdom Tree. 3000+ quotes and lines of wisdom. You are assured that you will never see the same quote again Minimal interface and navigation to increase concentration. Pomodoro timer

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/74120 > [WIP] Cursed Delta, a lightweight Delta Chat client - also here : https://github.com/adbenitez/deltachat-cursed > > > ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/85grUFk5YL.png)

Looks fun, but needs more attendees

So they went for Flarum which I think is a cool choice. Discourse is very popular but has several drawbacks imho. By choosing for Flarum it will maybe help popularity for Flarum. Lemmy is maybe not the best fit for a forum site though (I think I read that) with some extra software it could be.

Edit: I’m also waiting for emacs.

What do you mean ? Emacs has been a respectable OS since years. Though I am not so keen on recent developments around it.

Some Tuesday thirteen day dreaming
charming or alarming soothing calming warming dear rain i await you

Toying today with an upgrade from Buster to Bullseye I saw this on a desktop install, with no IRC clients or servers installed.

Did we have that one already shared here ? (Warning : gemini link in the URL! ;)
(Found this one on Mastodon in a thread about the web minimalism of write.as)

(Mastodon && unknown)

You probably mean the horse penis post with their brand new account ?

The paragraph Homeservers shows that they will be renting from Element Hosting.

Did you choose Docker, Ansible or manual install ?

Awesome! And the star is rising. A few days ago it was at 29 likes, now 35! :)

The developers are aware of this and it is on their to do list afaik.

Just mentioning for FYI reasons, for installation there is : https://wiki.parabola.nu/Installation_Guide#Blind_and_visually_impaired_users

I think the problem is somewhat comparable with what one can see with LineageOS. If you have or buy a phone which is not so popular and there is only one developer of LOS for your device it can happen that one day the developer will buy a new phone or start a different life and drops development. With Linux and related software project it is still pretty often hobby or community projects (See the development of Thunderbird going from Mozilla umbrella to community, and Ubuntu Touch being dropped by Canonical but picked up by ubports community). For example, if you are an open source developer and you live with housemates who are into Matrix and Signal for communication, it would be no surprise that you would want to work on that as well. Of course there are bigger projects like KDE (Gnome looks big but seems to suffer lately with a few projects, e.g. Evolution and Geary seem currently basically one person driven projects) which are not so much “hobby projects” anymore and could focus on this.

A possibly solution ? Reach out to blind people and work with them. For example : Start a new house community project with a few KDE projects living with a few blind people and a few motivated open source contributors for say one year. I am sure that things can be accomplished.

Here’s an all-in-one mail server: https://maddy.email/

Maddy comes with a lot of the ‘good stuff’ like DKIM and DMARC ready to be used, whereas setting that up yourself with Postfix was a pain (from my experience a few years ago) and probably meant you didn’t bother.

Maddy looks like an interesting approach (Caddy for email) but seems pretty new and in development still

https://mailcow.email/ looks like a solid choice for the OP.

I had a closer look with Termshark on two computers now. It shows a handshake for SSL, and probably asks a Let’s Encrypt OCSP server about the validity of the used SSL certificate. This blog post was useful to read https://www.catchpoint.com/blog/wireshark-tls-handshake so I understand a bit better why this happens, and well as this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_Certificate_Status_Protocol#Privacy_concerns

I like Alpine Linux a lot, small, fast, secure. Their howtos wiki is messy at times though. I am not using Alpine Linux as my daily driver, it is missing a package for flameshot and Tor browser bundle won’t load. When I get a newer computer in the future I will run it in a VM.

Indeed https://anonaddy.com/ is an alternative, open source and the Android app is in F-Droid.