Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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No problems here, using Vivaldi and Firefox, previously castrating Windows and removing its bad habits. Now it does what I want.

I know, nothing better than unintentional humor, cause of ignorance.

A economy based on the greed of a certain elite is the correct definition.

It is not this, it is clear that a solution offered by nature is perfect for certain environments and not necessarily for others. With the example of winglets on aircraft wings to reduce or cancel turbulence, the model offered by the wings of some birds served, which have this perfect solution It is also used in the blades of some turbines, increasing their efficiency considerably.

That this solution of nature does not serve to walk better or to have unrelated abilities is clear, for this there are other solutions. These are solutions that nature offers for certain functions, these are used in bionics, for new materials, functions and devices. Like the well-known Lotus effect that has been used for a long time on all types of surfaces, to repel water and dirt, an effect observed in the Lotus leaves, which is perfect for this function. Adhesive tapes and surfaces, inspired by the feet of the Gecko, capable of climbing vertically on glass and any other surface, also used in building cleaning robots that can climb a wall without problems.

Solutions that nature offers to certain problems, which in their practical totality are perfect.

Yes, you can buy ink to refill the cartridges, but it’s only possible a very limited among of times you can do this, until the quality of printings turn really bad.

Yes, and the only way to eliminate the planned obsolescence of products is to eliminate this neo-liberal political system, which can only survive on wild consumerism.

Planned obsolescence is a system in many devices, because a product that works forever does not create profits for the manufacturer. In the current devices, PC and mobile, this obsolescence is no longer so pronounced and the products last for many years in good condition, because in these what leads to their death are not the devices as such, but rather it is produced through the software and the compatibilities, which force to renew these devices. In printers, obsolescence comes through ink cartridges, on the one hand with exorbitant prices and on the other hand, if the manufacturer wants to sell a new model of printer, they simply stop making the cartridges for the old one, turning the old printer still in good condition, in a useless paperweight.

Although seeing the daily news I sometimes have my doubts about this evolution. In these it is only made clear that we share 60% of our DNA with a potato.

Maybe its a posibility. but, even there are a lot of old tech, it would be a limited community because of the lack of new vintage tech worth to post.

I’ve been thinking about it, but I think it would be too much flood, due to so many inventions, to make each one separately. I think it is better to stay together in a thread. This also gives freedom that everyone can add own discoveries of inventions of this type.

Service of Video calls in a German Post office 1936

Ancient Chines navigation system third century dC. The sculpture always pointed in the previously set direction, regardless of which direction the car was moving.

Car navigator 1921 (autoscrolling map hooked up by speedometer

Also a wrist map in 1927

Vintage Tech

Building with a 3D printer in 1930…


Good idea

In South Korea, the solar panels in the middle of the highway have a bicycle path underneath, cyclists are protected from the sun, isolated from traffic…



It’s a improved Blender fork, way better to handle and better UI, 100% compatible with Blender files…