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There has been many leaked videos and it all looks carefully crafted (albeit heavily in progress), it can’t be fake.

Wait until Zoomers become teachers.

Based on those reasons for a ban, no. This applies also for many other Lemmy instances.

The new PM has barely worked a week and BAM – suddenly the Queen has died! I know the first week in a new job is usually hard but THAT hard?

Lemmy doesn’t really need much resources. Sopuli is running on a Hetzner VPS with similar specs and it’s all fine. I remember someone even running an instance on a ROCK64! Can’t really say anything about running multiple Fediverse services on the same VPS though.

! is for’s meta discussion, if you are talking about the instance’s situation.

I was about to email the author who previously wrote about the woes of Instagram to tell about Pixelfed… but apparently it wasn’t needed. Good job!

I usually listen instrumental music (smooth jazz and ambient) when reading.

There’s already ! for political memes, sometimes I remind people that some posts would be better there.

Might as well send an email to the person who wrote the article and promote PixelFed.

At least no one can say that nothing interesting happens!

Sopuli runs on Hetzner’s VPS that has a dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. RPI is comparable to that so it should be enough for setting up an instance.

Zucc has the latest cyborg tech combined with his lizard DNA, he is the most interesting (and the least human-like) option.

AYANEO to have their own AYANEO OS based on Linux

Valve really set the ball rolling with Steam Deck and Steam OS…