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So… You do realize human identity and sexuality are not quantum systems right?

No. But male and female as the only possible options is an outdated concept. Both socially and biologically, there is a spectrum.

And the reason you don’t see communist parties staging revolutions in the West is because we know we’re too small and would get crushed, so we focus on growing instead of going out and getting killed for no hope of ever changing anything, and if the communist parties get stamped out now, they won’t have an opportunity to do anything in the future. We spend our time trying to rally the workers so maybe one day we could have that critical mass.

Why was the Jan 6 coup attempt actually attempted? Because the MAGA fascists were at a point where they genuinely believed they could succeed. Seeing how many more people openly have those views in the US compared to anything left wing, not to mention the laughable lack of legal action afterward, they weren’t wrong.

Even ants know this, and they won’t attack another colony if they think their numbers aren’t great enough to have a good chance at overwhelming them. It’s really sad that you don’t.

What the fuck? Are you from the mirror universe? When did I ever imply that I condone Jan 6?

This sounds like corporate motivational fluff lol. The kind of stuff you see posted on a staff room wall and no one knows what it means.

People are angry that their lives are falling apart because of shitty politics. People will vent about that on a forum. It’s one of the pillars of meme culture.

Assuming this is serious, no. This is fucking assault. Hair remover is caustic and can cause permanent injury, especially if it gets in your eyes (like shampoo often does). He cheats on you so you’re gonna fucking blind him?

If this is how you think, maybe consider why it is that people can’t seem to keep a nice relationship with you.

Also, revenge doesn’t help with heartbreak. Like, at all. You’re still going to be just as sad and angry after doing this, except now you have a court date pending sentencing. The most healthy thing to do is to cut him out of your life and don’t look back.

Maybe just not on Linux then.

I’m mainly concerned about whether they’ll keep improving to keep up with Chrome. Firefox already has a lot of performance and resource utilization issues, but unlike Chrome who hogs your entire computer, it’s the opposite for Firefox. At least on Linux, it only lets a tab use two CPU threads, whereas Chrome can use all of them, I found out when I had to a CPU rendering benchmark to stress test my new processor, and I couldn’t bothered to install something so I just looked up online ones in the browser. Also, as far as I know Firefox has no GPU acceleration support.

Unfortunately, with how much they’re dropping the ball, their browser won’t be good for long. I’ve just accepted that Chrome is about to be the only viable choice in a few more years, because of Mozilla’s shitty management.

Look up the developer-manager conflicts over there. Management decides something, every dev says it’s a terrible idea, management tells them to shut the fuck up and just do it like good little minions.

Sadly, this meme is not accurate. Firefox’s marketshare has been slipping off a cliff and Mozilla has been slowly giving up on it in favour of pocket and their VPN.

I work from home, and now my house feels like my work.

Why not just use Linux proper then? There’s basically no issue with losing support on Linux, the latest distros still work on computers from literally 20 years ago. Might not work well if it’s not a light distro, but will still install and run.

Philosophically, I don’t think Popper was saying we should be intolerant to intolerance per se, but the fact that by doing so we end up in a conondrum of wheter we, as defenders of tolerance, are intolerant.

Sure, but he definitely concludes that intolerating intolerance is the way to go, despite the circular and self-referential nature of the issue. Like everything in life, there are exceptions that must be had to make things work, and tolerant people not tolerating intolerance is one of those necessary exceptions. There are plenty of really obvious things that humanity should not be tolerating, like rape, pedophilia, genocide, etc. If your argument is that just because you’re intolerant of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc, that means you’re a hypocrite and therefore no better than the racists, sexists, and homophobes themselves, that is a thoroughly invalid argument.

Hard disagree. Actually, really hard disagree on all fronts. I really recommend actually reading what Karl Popper and others has to say on this, they’ve broken this issue down better than I can hope to in a Lemmy comment.

Not a mindreader, but a reader. I read. Not minds, but text. Like OP’s actual fucking post.

They’re not merely different ideas lol, they’re racism and homophobia. Those ideas aren’t different, they’re unacceptable. Whether you like lattes or black coffee would be “different ideas”.

He’d get banned on day one. Lemmy.ml tolerates libs a lot of the time, but not this shit.

The tolerance paradox has been discussed throughout history. Basically the conclusion is, you cannot tolerate intolerance. Intolerance is the one thing that only deserves intolerance.