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Game has procedurally generated worlds with overworld sprited Pokemon. Ground pokemon can dig, fighting pokemon can bulid things and smash boulders, water pokemon can surf, etc. Think of it like minecraft+pokemon.

I know this is basically installing malware on the system, but this is one extra hurdle preventing users on the Linux desktop removed.

If you could stop following me around and harassing me that’d be great. Bye.

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FYI: Jim Ward, voice of Captain Qwark, is of ill health. Please read more here and the official, direct method to donate to Jim and his family
"Many of you have wondered where our voice deity went. Well, he got sick. At first it was mild cognitive memory issue. Once he arrived at Silverado Beverly Place Memory Care, all was well but two weeks later he got the worst case of COVID imaginable. (He almost died numerous times). He was completely paralyzed and hospitalized for four months where he learned to eat again, walk again, etc. Jim’s now back at Silverado. Not close to how he was when he got COVID. It really set him back. But, the amazing thing about Alzheimers is part of the brain still functions normally. The other part - well, he has no memory, not from a year ago, a day ago, 10 minutes ago, 2 seconds ago. But he still plays harmonica, guitar, does voices and sings." Source with donation method via PayPal: https://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Ward/100028975344523/

Removing blogspam increases quality, no question. I keep meaning to write better feedback for Lemmy with what I’ve learned over the years, but blogspam is a hot topic of mine so I’ve listed some thoughts here.

One addition to your list is insistent self-linking to the website itself at many points through the story, very little sources outside of themselves.

Blogspam usually copies or re-writes source content that is usually linked in the story. A big problem with Linux news are the re-writes of mailing list posts with added opinion.

On top of ads, referral links are common, especially by gaming and hardware blogs.

Finally, and it’s hard to describe, but a lot of blogspam sources have a cult following. If they take action to harass people because their content was removed, they should be banned entirely. I’ve had two website owners get their little cultists to harass me because their content was removed.

Favorite fake types?
What favorite fake types do you think would improve the game? I like the Rijon elementals, especially sound and abnormal. https://rijon.fandom.com/wiki/Elemental_Types Outside of that, the light/cosmic could be interesting, as well as a Rubber type.

So disclaimer: I haven't used this recipe yet. However, I've been wondering how to get my buns to have the brown to it and I believe I've been missing the egg wash which this recipe explained. Looking to try this recipe out tomorrow morning!