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I guess if you go to a irc linux help channel they will sort it out quickly with you.

You’re changing the topic. You’re saying he is using clickbait, yet you try to steer people away from this post by giving unrelevant information that is controversal. This is not an inch better imo.

I’m all in for calling out bad articles, but not like this.

What does a COVID denier have to do with anything? You’re trying to remove his credibility with unrelated opinions. That’s not helpful.

If I were a physics professor and doubt the existence of dogs… what would that matter to my physics research?

I’m tired of people trying to find an excuse to listen to other opinions.

I am not sure if you really took just one minute to think about what you’re saying before posting this.

Why do you even bother posting at all at this point? Where is your real anger towards?

I block network requests on an dns level using dns filter Lists.

Not sure if you’re kidding, but that was a really terrible idea.

I just want to chime in and say thank you for handling this topic so well! This is exactly how it should be done in my opinion.