Soviet Snake

Well, if you are going to allow for racists people and those people are going to be visible from this side, probably yes, you are going to be banned.

These ppl exist, perhaps the best way to understand someone is learning different view points, you act as if the world is your fiefdom and you don’t interact with ppl that hold these views on a daily basis without ever knowing. Id rather get a starting point of where someone is coming from, maybe collect some facts. I say, its easy to demonize a group, but if you got facts about a certain individual then lets here them. For example why is discussing the rise of hitler banned in so many countries? Although hitler did evil things, once you figure out the conditions that led to his rise (broken german economy, the rise of degenerate culture culture in post ww1 germany, rampant prostitution of men, women and children in berlin in particular, ect.) you begin to paint a picture of how things made sense to the average german that racial purity and hardline nationalism was the solution. Do i support hitler? Fuck no! The results of his actions led to the deaths of tens of millions of ppl and pretty much half his own ppl and so on (However in a different conversation I would give more details then a simple fuck no and argue that if he didn’t commit genocide theres an argument to be made that he was right that international banks are destroying nations and holding them hostage in financial ruin)…… I believe in certain theories such as great replacement to a certain degree but only certain aspects of it and honestly i think it has less to do with race and more about undermining the well being of citizens with cheap labor to benefit massive corporations. Anyway I’ll stop my word salad and let you digest all of this

Soviet Snake

Of course I do, most of the people with whom I interact AFK are, sadly, either racist, or classists, or homophobes or misogynous, but I think there’s a difference in a place where one cannot control its environment and where one is forced to coexist with those people, to one where you can grow a community where you can choose what kind of people will it host. Most people are unconsciously either one of those things, I’ve seen a lot of classist people on the Lemmy flagship instance that hold those views thanks to the veil of liberalism. It’s your instance and you can moderate it however you want, but I think a good starting point to have a well mannered community would be to impose a certain limit. Is using slurs something that really is going to generate an environment where two political distant people can hold a conversation? This is an example, it could be anything.

Regarding the last part you said, and since you are federating with out Marxist Leninist instance, I’d like to share with you a little bit of Marxist theory. Where you say “international banks are destroying nations and holding them hostage in financial ruin”, I’d argue you are right about that, but that you are missing the forest for the tree. We have gotten to the conclusion, thanks to multiple advances in philosophy, economy, history, etc, that the classes in a society are determined by their relations to the means of production, this was true for masters and slaves, feudal lords and serfs, capitalists and wage workers. Hitler’s idea of the bankers as an organized class composed specifically of Jews, holds no real solid ground, and it is just one of a myriad of ways in which the capitalist class can manifest itself. It happens in the tech industry, it happens with oil, it happens with food companies, and so on; they form oligopolies. There’s a text by Engels titled The Principles of Communism, which is a very short read, and through points 1 to 10 (maybe it’ll take you 15 minutes to read), he goes about what defined the multiple classes throughout history when it comes to their relation with the means of production which maybe can help you to understand what I’m trying to say a bit better.

Anyway, I hope you can build a community that allows to respect others.

34M I’ve already defederated your instance from my lemmy instance, but it’s a two person instance, and I just don’t want to deal with communities full of shit posting from a “free speech” space

Fair enough and thanks for feedback

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