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Thank you for this message man. Doing Gods work out here!

Ignore all these people that downvote this post or the mods censoring this post. Keep doing what you are doing by spreading the truth. People don’t like the truth and that’s life. You are giving people what they want on this forum - an explanation for this madness! I will likely be censored to by these mods and labelled an anti-vax troll like these other guys, but these mods haven’t awoken to the truth. They are sheep and think that by following leftism it makes them ‘different’ in some way.

These mods have a lot to answer for in censoring this post so much because the poster is right - no rules are being broken by posting this important message, yet they will continue to censor this message. Keep strong man! Keep at it! The people need to know of this truth! Even if this message falls on a lot of deaf ears that don’t wanna hear this, just keep doing it because the more you stay strong and keep spreading this truth the more people that are likely to awaken to this important message for humanity.

Thank you for what you do man! You are a real world hero for what you do! For this I thank you for your service and will do my best when I have time to promote this message to humanity. The people need to know of this important truth!

To the mods I say that I am sorry and I forgive you for your blatant censorship. The media have clearly brainwashed you into submission. This virus is never going away and these vaccines will not work soon due to the mutations of the virus. Keep censoring this but the truth of this message will prove true overtime and you will be left asking yourself “did I really censor the truth?” And that you did, but it is ok because you didn’t see the truth in this message as I and others have had.

Again thanks so much for spreading this truth and do ignore the people in this forum downvoting this post and doing what they can to censor this truth. As Jesus once said to his followers “The truth shall set ye free”. The people in this forum are mostly just sheep, but every so often you will have one person who will come and recognise the truth in these words so its just a case of targeting those people. Mainstream media clearly can’t be trusted and when you have journalists - people not qualified in science trying to ‘debunk’ things like ivermectin that have proven to work then it really is a sight to behold. Keep pushing this truth man! Ignore the haters and the mods!

Absolute hero! Thanks so much for your service man. You deserve better than these mods here man. These people are clearly subject to the propoganda from these media outlets. Don’t take this vaccine folks! Its not what you think! Its been designed to sterilize you all as part of their hidden agenda. Wake up people! Smell the coffee we are witnessing before our very eyes a worldwide genocide take place!

Remember the Jews? How they were discriminated against for being unclean and vermin? Guess what? The same thing is happening with the people that have chosen not to take this vaccine! This is serious stuff!

I will say it here knowing it will likely be censored. But wow! What an absolute hero this person is. Spreading the truth of this virus, the globalists plans for the world and what really is in the vaccines is a heroic act. The mods should be ashamed of themselves censoring this stuff. People need to know of this! This is treason at the highest level. Thank you for this man!

Thank you for your service to humanity!

Dude, I can’t thank you enough for this message. You’ve given me and the people of this small forum answers to so many of the questions that people have been asking. From one person to another I really thank you for this message that you are spreading to the world.

Ignore what these haters say and these ignorant mods here and follow the truth. Don’t let these mods censor this truth and this very important message.

What you’ve done here will be remembered for eternity and spoken about any many books to come. Being so early to the truth is a real blessing and it is indeed such an absolute shame that its being given to deaf ears in this forum. Wake up people! Its never been about public health! Its all been theatre to control you and restrict your God given freedoms!

Again thanks so much for your message man. You are a real world hero and people need to learn of this important truth to humanity. The globalists and the politicians can only go so far with their hidden agendas before they reveal themselves. They are trying to control us in every way possible - there has been a mass campaign by mainstream media to dehumanize so called anti-vaxxers and judging by the censoring going on in this forum, they have done a very good job at it. Just stay strong man. As one would say “one person’s terrorist, is another person’s freedom fighter”. Ignore all the labels that they give you and stay true and strong to your cause and purpose. The more you spread this message, the more people will begin to awaken to the truth.

Absolute hero!

I am a lurker on this forum and have been for a few months. I made this account here today just to say thank you. Thank you for this hard work you are putting in by fighting the censorship of these mods who change the rules as and when it suits them. You are fighting a noble cause here and I just wanted to say that we humanity are with you in this fight!

The mods will most likely ban us all here today, but what has gone down today will be remembered for years to come. You are a true freedom fighter. We need more people like you on planet earth who isn’t afraid to stand up to tyranny when they see it. I thank you for your honest work here today whoever you are.

I know people think that this is a bot account, but it isn’t. I have been searching for the truth to this madness and you have finally given it to me and the people on this forum that are fortunate enough to come across this. Ignore the hate that you receive from this ignorant people. You are a hero and I really thank you for your honest work here today.

Good luck to you and to the mods I say; Let the truth come forward and be presented here on this forum and in many places online. When you censor us we only come back twice as strong!

Holy Timecube on a pogostick.

“The truth shall set you free”

Lmao this lunatic and his alts

Wake up man! The globalists have agendas. Waking people up to this important message and informing people of the truths that the people in power don’t want you to know is the first step in bringing an uprising to the world.

We are witnessing before our very eyes oppression worse than Nazi Germany. Wake up! Come on!

No they’re totally legit accounts that seem totally human!!111

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