It's mostly animal agriculture that breeds antibiotic instances...

Give me your favourite easy dishes or recipes
I am absolutely garbage at cooking nor do I have the desire to get better at cooking intricate dishes. But I still prefer making food at home as much as possible. So I was wondering what your favourite easy dishes are. I don't value taste too highly. But I prefer that have relatively moderate to low carb content. But don't wanna be picky so anything goes. Please feel free to share.

Reminder: check the ingredients in your hot sauce. Some can contain dairy or meat broth.

A couple inconvenient truths
Veganism isn't healthy. Veganism isn't good for the environment. Veganism is more cruel than diets with meat. High Cholesterol is associated with longer spans. Feeding children a vegan diet is child abuse.

[ this is the source BBC article](

Veganism and eggs
Is there an argument that eggs should be considered a 'vegan food'? rights in proportion to intelligence # The rationales I'm not vegan. I've heard many (sometimes conflicting) rationales for veganism. One of them is "eat nothing which harms a farm animal during its production". Eggs are therefore permitted becuase they are a waste product which the hen discards. Taking the eggs is incidental - the hen does not notice whether you do it or not. Food fertilised using manure is permitted. But honey is forbidden, though you can argue whether its production harms bees or not. Fruit is permitted (because it does not impact the pollenating insect) even if it was pollinated using farmed insects. Palm oil is permitted because the necessary deforistation only affects wild animals (orangutans etc) not farm animals. Wheat is permitted because the pesticides only kill wildlife. There's another I've heard of where the important thing is whether **any** animals were harmed. So eggs, all fruit, manure-fertilised foods are permitted; but wheat, honey and palm oil are forbidden. The one where "big or intelligent animals must not be harmed" would permit honey, all fruit, manure fertilised food, and eggs. But forbid wheat, palm oil. After suggesting this argument to someone, he told me of another type of veganism where food which came from inside an animal is forbidden. So honey, palm oil, wheat, all fruit, manure-fertilised food and wheat are permitted. But eggs are not. There are others, like the desire to use less farmland globally, or reduce global warming, have a healthier diet, etc. But IMO this is not veganism at all but just common sense and ethics. These goals are not consistent with veganism. So on the balance, I don't see a strong consensus for prohibiting eggs. *** # The other side of the coin Eggs are a super-food - maybe the only one. They contain all the nutrients needed in the human diet. An egg-eating vegan no longer needs to battle dietary deficiencies, or take suppliments (which are normally not vegan). *** # So I have two questions 1. It seems to me that eggs **may** be permitted. And doing so gets over a major hurdle for vegans. So in fact it **must** be permitted for veganism to be viable. What do you think? 2. Where can I find a list of the different sub-types of veganism? So of course the eggs must be [ethically produced]( [This]( is interesting too but it doesn't answer the questions.

Fake meat brand name idea: “Death Free Meats”
Came up with the idea of a vegan meat brand called "Death Free Meats." It could even have product names like "Death Free Chicken" or "Death Free Beef" for things that simulate specific types of meat. Though, I was never great as biochemistry, so I'm not exactly in a position to start researching and manufacturing my own meat alternatives, but I think this names sounds metal AF, so I'm putting out there to see what all of you think.

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