It's always dns

Best IM for Push Notifications
Any opinions on an IM solution to send notifications to? Something which can show push notifications on my phone would be ideal. This is for my personal stuff which isn't critical or public. I would like E2EE if for no other reason then why not. Top options: - Matrix - XMPP Middle: - Jami (No API?) - Zulip (no EE2E) - Google Chat (no EE2E?, dealing with Google APIs) No: - Briar (no iOS client) - Signal (no API) - Session (no API) - Whatsapp (API cost) - Threema (cost) - Wire (bot API in beta, cost?) - Telegram (sus) - Slack

WhatsApp/Instagram/Facebook is down right now returns 5xx Server Error and from what I heard Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messages are not delivered

> Two things everyone knows about Kubernetes are: first, that it has won in the critically important container orchestration space, and second, that its complexity is both a barrier to adoption and a common cause of errors.

Flowgger is a fast, simple and lightweight data collector written in Rust. Alternative to Fluentd and Logstash.

Do automation systems for commercial or high-occupancy residential buildings usually have redundancy?
Since modern buildings often have critical things like lighting, HVAC, and water or even security and access control integrated into one automation system, is there any sort of redundancy in the control devices? If the central controller were to crash, would the mechanical and electrical systems in the building grind to a halt or is there usually a backup? If there is, is it done by having two separate controller units that can operate independently other or through some other way?

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*Permananently Deleted*

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