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What Text-To-Speech are you using with Android?

Preferably open source and on FDroid…


How to lower microphone gain in Android 9

All videos that I record have very distorted volume when there’s loud sound around. I’m using Open Camera app. I think that lowering gain could help here. Anybody knows how to do this in Android 9?
[edit] …


How to store global application state in android?

I’m trying to write an Android client for the Sufec protocol. This is my first time developing anything for Android (and sure hope it will be the last), and I’m having a silly amount of trouble figuring out how to store global state. Not sure if dev questions fit here…


Android’s app store privacy section starts rolling out today

Following in the footsteps of iOS 14, Google is rolling out an app privacy section to the Play Store on Tuesday. When you look up an app on the Play Store, alongside sections like “About this app” and “ratings and reviews,” there will be a new section called “Data privacy & security,” where develo…


Google Play makes bizarre decision to ban call-recording apps

We need to reclaim Android from Google. Until we do, they will keep doing things like this…

fedilink is great!

I just discovered after the post on HackerNews. It is a great maps “app” for android. I put “app” into quotes because it just runs on your browser. …


Looking for an open source app for ping and tracepath functionality.

I’m looking for an open-source app to do some network debugging: resolving hostnames, pinging and tracepath functionality. …


need a recommendation

Is there a smartphone that I could recommend to someone that currently wants to buy a last generation iphone? They want lots of storage and good battery life I think. …


I have made a list of open source Android apps that have beautiful modern design

Often people tend to say due to the lack of funding open source apps have bad UI and also sometimes terrible UX. While it’s not entierly false I’ve found myself some beautifuly designed apps and wanted to share them here…


How to monitor memory usage on android?

I experience that my memory is used up on my android phone, but I dont understand what drains the memory. …


there is no KNOX on my phone . is my data after formatting protected?

i have a Samsung galaxy M30s android 9 , and before doing a factory reset, i used a password for lock screen and i know that this phone galaxy m30s have no KNOX , so is my data after formate protected and encrypted by FBE (file based encryption) or not ? …


Android Stuff Here!!

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